Which is the latest episode of Crime Patrol?

Which is the latest episode of Crime Patrol?

New crime patrol full episode | sony tv crime patrol | crime patrol latest episode. crime petrol is a very popular indian daram about diffrent incidents in india. its based on true reality of indian stories of diffrent peoples. this serial is very popular world wide.

Which is the best episode of Crime Patrol Dastak?

– Watch this thrilling episode of Crime Patrol: Dastak. Abbas who was working in his shop (located in New Delhi) gets a phone call from his maid Vandana. Abaas urgently rushes to his house and gets a huge shock to see his Wife Nupur who was brutally murdered.

Can you watch Crime Patrol Satark on YouTube?

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Who is police chasing in Crime Patrol Satark?

Police is chasing Ravi and Priya as they get to know about the 3rd murder. Ravi kills Harish and Harish’s Aunt gets severely injured. Police interrogates Priya’s Friend Ranjhana who had helped Priya. Ravi was a suspended police officer.


When did Crime Patrol Dastak change its name?

The series was given a new title: Crime Patrol Satark (previously Crime Patrol Dastak until July 6, 2014).During the last quarter of 2017, Soni decided to exit the series citing that he wanted to focus on his acting career in films. “I requested makers that I would like to focus on films and they were ok with it.

Who is the creator of Crime Patrol in India?

Crime Patrol is an Indian Hindi crime anthology series created by Subramanian S. lyer for Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia.


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