Which of the following is an Alyque Padamsee creation?

Which of the following is an Alyque Padamsee creation?

Padamsee created Lalitaji for Surf, Cherry Charlie for Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish, the MRF Muscle Man, the Liril girl in the waterfall, the Kamasutra couple, Hamara Bajaj, the TV detective Karamchand, the Fair & Handsome brand, etc.

What is Shazahn Padamsee doing now?

She is currently working on a live electronica project, SpanckMusic, with DJ Ankit “Ankytrixx” Kocher.

Which of the following ads is created by Alyque Padamsee the brand father of Indian advertising?

New Delhi: Alyque Padamsee, advertising veteran, communication adviser and theatre personality, who created iconic ads such as Surf’s Lalitaji, Hamara Bajaj and Liril girl, passed away in Mumbai on Saturday. He was 87.

Who was the first liril girl?

Karen Lunel
In the late 70s the ad of Liril soap, conceptualised by Padamsee, took India by storm. The jingle ‘La Lalalala la la la la’ was hard to forget. The girl in the ad, Karen Lunel, became an overnight star and is still identified as ‘the Liril girl’.

Is Karen Lunel alive?

YouTubians soon identified Karen and the story of her death was dismissed as an urban legend . She s alive and married to a Tibetan and has an 18 year old son, posted another viewer, who we thought was pretty well-informed.

Who is the father of Indian marketing?

Prof. Philip Kotler
The Father of Marketing, Prof. Philip Kotler, along with his co-authors Prof. Waldemar Pfoertsch and Prof. Uwe Sponholz led the discussions which went on for close to three hours.

Who was the Liril girl?

Is Liril Indian?

Liril is a popular soap brand sold, to a large degree, in India, and Asia, as well as a few places in Europe. The soap is currently manufactured by Hindustan Unilever in India. Liril launched a blue variant called Icy Cool Mint in 2002.

Who is new Liril girl?

In commercial after commercial, the Liril Girl — from the original model Karen Lunel to actors Pooja Batra, Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone — could be seen playing in the water, diving, jumping and swimming under the waterfall. And now, the new campaign, will featurie Brazilian model Anabelle.

How old was Alyque Padamsee when he died?

Alyque Padamsee. New Delhi: Alyque Padamsee, who died on Saturday at the age of 90, was one of the most colourful figures in the Mumbai’s advertising and theatre circles. Known for some iconic advertising campaigns – the Liril Girl and Lalitaji, Cherry Blossom, among others – he also stood out for his flamboyant lifestyle.

Which is the most famous play of Alyque Padamsee?

Padamsee is also known for his English language theatre productions in India like Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Tuglaq, and his latest, Broken Images, which was invited to the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC in 2011. He was conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award for Theatre by the Sangeet Natak Akademi; and this January the Tagore Ratna.

How many children did Alyque Padamsee have with Dolly Thakore?

They had one daughter, Raell Padamsee. Padamsee then had an extended relationship with Dolly Thakore, and for all intents and purposes they were assumed to be man and wife by the world. Dolly and Padamsee had a son Quasar Thakore Padamsee.

Which is the correct spelling Padamsee or Padmasinh?

The name padamsee has sanskrit equivalent padmasinh (padma=lotus, sinh= lion, usually a title) or padmashree (shree is an honorific).

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