Who are the famous computer scientists?

Who are the famous computer scientists?

50 Highly Influential Computer Scientists

  • Leonard M. Adleman. Computational Complexity Theory, Cryptography.
  • Frances E. Allen.
  • Timothy J. Berners-Lee.
  • Manuel Blum. Computational Complexity Theory, Blum-Goldwasser cryptography, CAPTCHA.
  • Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
  • Vinton G. Cerf.
  • Edmund M. Clarke, Jr.
  • Stephen A. Cook.

Who is the famous early computer scientist?


Achievement date Person
1939 Atanasoff, John
1822, 1837 Babbage, Charles
1973 Bachman, Charles
1954, 1963 Backus, John

Which scientist invented the computer?

Charles Babbage

Who is the king of programming?

Just about every programming language has an ardent fanbase, and Python is no different. Long an extremely popular “generalist” language, Python has been establishing new fans in ultra-specialist segments such as data science and machine learning.

Who are some famous scientists who study computers?

But we can’t over-look the scientists who chose to study a much different specimen: the computer. Read up on some famous computer scientists who have used their knowledge, expertise and inventive spirits to impact our world forever. 1. Barbara Liskov

Who are the most famous scientists in the world?

Keep reading as we introduce you to some of the most notable men and women of the past and present. Scientists are often thought of as those who study nature or chemistry and make discoveries in medicine. But we can’t over-look the scientists who chose to study a much different specimen: the computer.

Who was the first person to invent a computer?

Countless people helped develop it, but the person most often credited with its invention is the computer scientist Lawrence Roberts. In the 1960s, a team of computer scientists working for the U.S. Defense Department’s ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) built a communications network to connect the computers in the agency, called ARPANET.

What’s the history of computers in the world?

The rich history of computers can be traced back to 5000 years, and it is still evolving with research and innovation. The article below enlists some of the important computer inventors and their inventions. Computer inventions have empowered the human civilization in a way that no other invention has ever done.

Who is the greatest computer scientist of all time?

1. Alan Turing. Alan Turing is an English computer scientist, widely considered to be the father of computer science. The prestigious “Turing Award” was named after him – an award given to those in computer science who make a significant contribution to the industry.

Who was the first computer scientist?

Charles Babbage, (born December 26, 1791, London, England—died October 18, 1871, London), English mathematician and inventor who is credited with having conceived the first automatic digital computer.

Who is the richest computer scientist?

Paul Allen He co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, although we do not hear much of him when people talk of Microsoft. He is a programmer, and did some coding for Microsoft, earning him his shares, which made him a millionaire shortly afterward. Today, he is among the richest programmers in the world.

Who is most famous computer scientist?

10 famous computer scientists you should know about

  1. Barbara Liskov. Liskov helped develop and implement programming languages like CLU, the first programming language to support data abstraction.
  2. Elon Musk.
  3. Larry Page.
  4. Carl Sassenrath.
  5. Guido Van Rassum.
  6. Mark Zuckerburg.
  7. Brendan Eich.
  8. Tim Berners-Lee.

Who was the first woman computer scientist?

Ada Lovelace
Women in Science: Ada Lovelace, the First Computer Programmer – Scientific American.

Who are the famous inventors of the computer?

Famous Inventors and their Inventions. Charles Babbage: The Analytical Engine. He is considered as the “Father of the Computer,” who invented an analytical engine in 1822. However, he couldn’t actually build the analytical engine, but was only able to present it theoretically.

Why are some people considered to be computer scientists?

A few of these people pre-date the invention of the digital computer; they are now regarded as computer scientists because their work can be seen as leading to the invention of the computer. Others are mathematicians whose work falls within what would now be called theoretical computer science,…

Who was the first person to invent artificial intelligence?

John McCarthy is the inventor of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He was a computer scientist and cognitive scientist born in the United State of America, providing a significant contribution to the computer science industry with the topic of Artificial Intelligence.

Are there missing items in the list of computer scientists?

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources. This is a list of computer scientists, people who do work in computer science, in particular researchers and authors.

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