Who died at the end of Die Hard?

Who died at the end of Die Hard?

McClane shoots Franco in both his kneecaps, making him land head first on an indoor glass window. McClane fires four rounds into Uli’s chest at the entrance of the roof to save the hostages. McClane fires the last bullet through Eddie’s forehead after he feigns surrender with a pistol taped on his back to save Holly.

Did Mr Takagi know the code?

No, there is no evidence that Mr. Takagi knew the code key.

What happened to the hacker in Die Hard?

Theo was not seen after this incident and his fate was left unknown, but it can be inferred that he and perhaps Kristoff, who was possibly knocked out by McClane, was found by the police and arrested. He was the only terrorist to have definitely survived and not to have encountered McClane.

Does Ellis die in Die Hard?

A cocaine user, and stereotypical yuppie, Ellis arrogantly attempted to assist Hans Gruber in betraying John McClane to save his own life, only to get himself killed by Gruber in the process….

Harry Ellis
Biographical information
Last appearance Die Hard
Cause Killed by Hans Gruber
Portrayer Hart Bochner

How did McClane die?

At the climax of the film, a badly injured McClane locates Hans and Holly near the vault on the 30th floor. Hans is shot by McClane and falls to his death after stumbling backwards through a shattered window.

Is John Phillips London real?

Nice suit. John Phillips, London. Whether or not the dark suit sported by Hans himself is one of his two from the prestigious (but ultimately fictional) John Phillips. Hans Gruber’s dark charcoal suit is very contemporary to its 1980s setting, not surprising for a man so interested in fashion and image.

Who is Mr Takagi?

Joe Takagi responding to McClane’s question about the Japanese celebrating Christmas. Joseph “Joe” Yoshinobu Takagi was the President of Nakatomi Trading and appeared in the 1988 film Die Hard….Joe Takagi.

Joseph Yoshinobu Takagi
Biographical information
Cause Shot in the head by Hans Gruber
Portrayer James Shigeta

How much did Bruce Willis get paid for Die Hard 4?

Both films made hundreds of millions at the box office, with Willis making $25 million for the fourth and an unspecified amount for the fifth flick. The franchise now has 5 successful films, and it has fans wondering if it will ever make a return.

What happened to Harry Ellis?

Harry Alistair Ellis (born 17 May 1982 in Leicester) is a retired English rugby union footballer who played scrum half for Leicester Tigers, England and the British & Irish Lions. On 8 July 2010, Ellis announced his retirement from the game as a result of a persistent knee injury.

Who was the limo driver in Die Hard?

De’voreaux White
De’voreaux White (born Devorea W. Sefas; August 6, 1965) is an American actor. He is best known for his role in Die Hard as the young limousine driver, Argyle.

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