Who is Christine Lahti husband?

Who is Christine Lahti husband?

Thomas Schlammem. 1983
Christine Lahti/Husband

Lahti has been married to television director Thomas Schlamme since September 4, 1983. They have three children. Lahti resides in Los Angeles, California, with her family. She also owns an apartment in Greenwich Village.

How old is Christine Lahti?

71 years (April 4, 1950)
Christine Lahti/Age

What is Christine Lahti doing now?

Lahti is the author of a book published by Harper Collins titled True Stories from an Unreliable Eyewitness – A Feminist Coming of Age, which is a collection of personal essays. Currently, she is working on adapting it into a one-woman show.

Who plays McGarrett’s mother?

Christine Lahti
Christine Lahti returns to Hawaii Five-0 as Doris McGarrett, Steve McGarrett’s mother, in Season 10’s powerful new tearjerker episode written and directed by McGarrett actor Alex O’Loughlin.

Who is the mom in evil?

The devil and I are up to no good! Christine Lahti plays the role of Sheryl Luria in Evil. She is seen in a pivotal role as Katja Herbers’ mother. When Kajta Herber, who plays Kristen Bouchard, goes through difficulties in her investigation related to the church, Christine Lahti gives her support.

How tall is Christine Lahti?

1.78 m
Christine Lahti/Height

Are Wo Fat and Steve related?

Back in reality, Steve later discovers that he and Wo Fat are brothers or presumably half-brothers given that Wo Fat grew up with Doris McGarrett. Steve and Wo Fat also engage in a brutal fight that ends with Steve shooting Wo Fat in the head and thus killing him, avenging his father’s death.

Who is the detective in Evil?

Kristen Connolly as Mira Byrd Kristen’s longtime climbing buddy, Mira is a detective who helps Kristen and her cohorts out more than once.

Is the grandma Evil in Evil?

Who is the grandma on Evil? #evil season finale this Thursday night! The devil and I are up to no good! Christine Lahti plays the role of Sheryl Luria in Evil.

What was Christine Lahti in?

Chicago Hope
Christine Lahti is an American actress and film director, known for her Golden Globe/Emmy Award-winning role as Dr. Kathryn Austin on CBS’ Chicago Hope.

Why did McGarrett leave the show?

McGarrett has always suffered from post-traumatic stress. He played that over 10 years and it’s finally caught up with him. He needs a little bit of a break. I wanted to play a natural closure that felt real and honest, and I didn’t want to manufacture a reason for the show to end.

Is Wo Fat McGarrett’s brother?

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