Why is my DVD showing blank?

Why is my DVD showing blank?

I’d suggest to check the Device Manager and see if you notice anything unusual with the drivers for the DVD/CD-ROM. You might need to update them. Once you click on the drivers, a new dialog box will open giving you such an option. You should also clean the drive lens, dust them out.

Why can’t I see the files on my CD?

It’s possible that for some reason the files on this CD have somehow been marked as “hidden”. That actually would result in what you’re describing: what looks like an empty disc, because it’s not showing those hidden files, and yet the disc would still show as using space and having space available.

How do I fix my DVD drive not reading Windows 10?

I recommend you to uninstall/reinstall the CD/DVD ROM driver and check.

  1. Press Windows key + X and select Device Manager.
  2. Click on DVD/CD ROM- drives to expand, right click on the device and click on Uninstall.
  3. Once you are done uninstalling the driver, restart the computer.

Why does Windows Media Player say my disc is empty?

If only home-made DVD cannot be played by WMP, maybe the DVD burning software is getting corrupted. It’s suggested to uninstall and reinstall the application to check if it helps resolve the issue. Sometimes it says disc is empty or no disc found after upgrade, it’s better to get a third party DVD player package.

Can you erase a CD-R and reuse it?

No, you cannot erase anything on a CD-R. Whatever you put on one it’s on there permanently. For erasing, you can use CD-RW disks.

What to do if your DVD drive is blank?

The drive will only show a blank drive with nothing in it. The disc are then tested on her laptop using VSO Inspector’s disc surface scan and it did not report any problems. Another way to test if it is a disc or drive problem is to insert an original disc such as the provided HP recovery disc to the drive and see if it reads or not.

Why does my Windows 10 DVD player show Blank?

The problem could be due to the filters added by third party software. Uninstall third party burning engine such as Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 for test purpose and see how it goes. Was this reply helpful? Sorry this didn’t help. Great! Thanks for your feedback. How satisfied are you with this reply?

Why do I have blank discs on my computer?

In front of the CD/DVD drive letter, type DIR and press Enter. Check if you’re able to find the files. It could also be possible that some of your Windows registry entries are corrupted. To resolve this problem on a computer that is running Windows 7, use the Open Playing and Burning CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs troubleshooter.

How can I Burn a blank CD to my computer?

Open My Computer 2. Right click on the drive that is capable of burning and select Properties. 3. Go to Recording tab. 4. Click at the drop down box that shows “Fastest” and select a lower speed. Click OK when done. 1. Insert a blank CD and drag whatever files that you want to burn to the drive.

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