Why was Lynley Cancelled?

Why was Lynley Cancelled?

They canceled the series after wefinished shooting, so there is no tie-up to it.

Do Lynley and Havers end up together?

Maybe Ever After: No romantic interest is ever overtly expressed on either side between Lynley and Havers, but the series ends with both of them unattached, reunited as partners, and the most important person in each others’ lives.

Why was Havers demoted?

Despite her working-class roots, Barbara Havers (Sharon Small) has turned out to be the perfect foil for her suave colleague Inspector Lynley. Havers’ career took a knock when she was demoted from Detective Sergeant to Detective Constable, after firing a flare gun at a colleague. …

Who was Inspector Lynley’s wife?

– discuss] In the pilot episode the character of Helen was played by Emma Fielding; later she was portrayed by Lesley Vickerage (10 episodes) and, as Lynley’s wife, by Catherine Russell (4 episodes).

Who killed Inspector Lynley’s wife?

Lynley and his pregnant wife Helen attend the funeral of Professor Dermot Finnegan. A forensic psychologist and Helen’s former mentor, Finnegan has been murdered by a car bomb.

Is Inspector Lynley coming back?

The BBC says the drama will not return for a new series, despite getting 4.2 million viewers for a repeat episode last week. The BBC has axed dectective drama The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. The sixth and final series of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries – cut from four episodes to two – will be shown later this year.

What happened to Inspector Lynley’s wife?

Havers is re-appointed to her rank of Detective Sergeant, and she and Lynley are assigned to investigate the murder of Morag McNicholl. The killing was made to look like a suicide, but it is clear she was killed by a blow to the head and that her wrists were slit after her death.

Does Inspector Lynley get married?

In the pilot episode, Helen Clyde’s character was played by Emma Fielding. She was then played by Lesley Vickerage in series one to three (starting with series three, she and Lynley got married and thus became known as Helen Lynley) and Catherine Russell in series five.

Does Helen marry Inspector Lynley?

Over the course of the series we’ve also been given an insight into Lynley’s personal life. In later series, he turned to old friend Helen (Lesley Vickerage) for comfort, and soon discovered there was a fine line between friends and lovers. In the 2003 story, A Suitable Vengeance, the pair married.

What happened to Inspector Lynley wife?

What happens to Inspector Lynley’s wife?

How many series of Inspector Lynley are there?

Inspector Lynley Series. 20 primary works • 20 total works. Detective Inspector Thomas “Tommy” Lynley, 8th Earl of Asherton and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers are with New Scotland Yard. Some of the Inspector Lynley mysteries have been adapted for television.

What did Inspector Lynley do in a cry for Justice?

Lynley looks into identifying a young man who was apparently stalking Morag. Throughout, Lynley is having difficulty coming to grips with his impending fatherhood, fearing that his own dysfunctional family background will get in the way. Written by garykmcd Did You Know?

Who was the dead boy in the Inspector Lynley Mysteries?

The school in question is Bredgar Hall, a haven for the rich and the privileged with annual fees of £20,000 a year. The dead boy however, 13-year-old Matthew Whately, didn’t come from a rich family. From all accounts, he was well liked and managed to fit into the school and its unique culture quite well.

Why did Inspector Lynley and Havers go to Scotland?

Lynley and Havers are sent to a remote Scottish mansion house, the home of Sir Stuart Stinhurst, to investigate the violent death of a famous playwright whilst she was helping to rehearse a production of her new play.

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