Will there be new PS Vita?

Will there be new PS Vita?

If You’re Looking for a Sony Handheld Experience, the PS Vita Is the Way to Go. It’s not looking likely that Sony will release a handheld console soon, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever release another in the future.

Can you still buy PSP games on PS Vita?

That remains the case on the PSP itself, but Sony added “You’ll still be able to purchase and play PSP content that is available on the PS3 and PS Vita stores. However, you’ll no longer be able to make purchases via the in-game store for PSP content.”

When did the PlayStation Vita come out in the US?

The PlayStation Vita (PS Vita or Vita) is a handheld video game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was first released in Japan on December 17, 2011, and in North America, Europe, and other international territories beginning on February 22, 2012.

How much does a PlayStation Vita weigh in grams?

Original model of the PS Vita (PCH-1000) Mass PCH-1000: 260 grams (9.2 oz) (Wi-Fi) 279 Backward compatibility PlayStation Portable (download only) PS Predecessor PlayStation Portable Website playstation .com /en-us /explore /games

Are there any good games for the PS Vita?

With some amazing games coming out in the next few months, including Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway, along with connectivity to the PlayStation 4 (PS4) system through “Remote Play,” now is the perfect time to become a PS Vita owner.

What kind of memory card does the PlayStation Vita use?

Software for the PlayStation Vita is distributed on a proprietary flash memory card called “PlayStation Vita game card” rather than on Universal Media Discs (UMDs) as used by the PlayStation Portable. The size and shape of the card itself is very similar to an SD card. 5–10% of the game card’s space is reserved for game save data and patches.

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