Are leaf springs good for drag racing?

Are leaf springs good for drag racing?

Most leaf-spring-equipped street-based cars can benefit from having them, and if they can be used to help tune the suspension, that’s even better. This is my former Olds Omega drag car. I used Chrysler’s proven super stock leaf springs under the rear of it with great success.

How do you set up suspension on drag racing?

If the car gradually wheel stands or bounces violently, adjust front suspension first, then rear. If there is rear tire shake, wheel hop or excessive body separation, adjust rear suspension first, then front. After the car has been adjusted to launch straight, test launch and include the first gear change.

How do you stop wheel hop with leaf springs?

An alternative is to stiffen the front half of the leaf spring since that’s where wheel hop starts. The spring flexes under load (acceleration or braking) and then snaps back to shape. Keep this from happening and you will be better off. Adding a “half leaf” to the top of the leaf springs works.

Can you run coilovers with leaf springs?

a coil over shock is generally used in high perf/street rod applications in place of leaf springs… you can replace your mono leafs with replacements, upgrade to Multi-Leafs and then use a quality shock and you’ll be good to go.

What do leaf spring clamps do?

Their main purpose is to help keep the main leaf from breaking on a rebound. When the weight of a vehicle or trailer is on the spring, all of the leaves work together to support the spring above them. If the wheel drops for any reason the total weight of the axle falls on the main leaf if there are no rebound clips.

How big is the leaf spring on a dual axle trailer?

Building a dual axle trailer. Ive found my center point for the equalizer. The leaf spring is 25.5 inches and the equalizer is 8 in. At what distance do I place the front and rear hangers?

Why are two leaf springs used in tandem?

Both leaf springs need to be placed in tandem using an equalizer. This will help to distribute weight more evenly between the two axles. Two torsion axles side by side should be referred to as “Twin Axles” rather than “Tandem Axles.”

What kind of suspension do I need for a tandem trailer?

Suspension kit includes equalizers and hardware for attaching 4 leaf springs to the hangers on your trailer’s frame. Works with 33″ axle spacing. Lowest Prices for the best trailer leaf spring suspension from etrailer.

How tall is a leaf spring suspension kit?

Leaf-spring mounting kit includes 2-1/2″ tall front hangers, 4-1/4″ tall center hangers, 2-1/2″ tall rear hangers and necessary hardware. Equalizers are 7-3/4″ long. Components for mounting axle to springs sold separately.

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