Are there body kits for the BMW E36?

Are there body kits for the BMW E36?

In other words we have you covered on E36 body kits and styling upgrades. Looking to go widebody on your E36? Check out the Duraflex Circuit Body Kits. These kits are based on the popular JDM Liberty Walk body kits and significantly widen the fender clearance.

When did the BMW E36 series come out?

Following the introduction of its successor, the E46 3 Series in 1998, the E36 began to be phased out and was eventually replaced in 1999. Development of the E36 began in 1981 and the exterior design was heavily influenced by aerodynamics, specifically the overall wedge shape, headlight covers and smaller wing mirrors.

How much is the riebme36-19 E36 roof spoiler?

RIEBME36-19 E36 Roof Spoiler (Coupe) ABS DD $166 Office Hours – Monday through Friday – 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time – (GMT -4)

What does the BMW Series 3 e36-lltek look like?

RIEBME36-14 E36 Rear Bumper Infinity 2 (All – Except Compact) (Bumper Version for Fender Flares) ABS AA $666 RIEBME36-15 E36 Rear Spoiler M3 Look W/Lite (Sedan) PUR CC $611 RIEBME36-16 E36 Rear Spoiler M3 Look W/Lite (Coupe) PUR CC $611 RIEBME36-17 E36 Rear Spoiler M3 Look W/Lite (Cabrio) PUR CC $611 RIEBME36-18 E36 Roof Spoiler (Sedan) ABS DD $166

Is there a Duraflex front bumper for the BMW E36?

Duraflex has released the ultra popular 1M Style Front Bumper for the E36. This bumper cover has modern styling that translates flawlessly on the E36 body. Update the look of your BMW 3-Series E36 today.

Is the BMW E36 a rear wheel drive car?

All models are rear-wheel drive, since the E36 was not produced with all-wheel drive (unlike its predecessor and successor). The sedan, coupé, convertible and Touring models use the “Z-axle” multilink suspension in the rear, which was introduced in the BMW Z1 roadster.

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