Can a constructor return a value C#?

Can a constructor return a value C#?

6 Answers. The constructor does return a value – the type being constructed… A constructor is not supposed to return any other type of value. When you validate in a constructor, you should throw exceptions if the passed in values are invalid.

Can a class constructor return a value?

No, constructor does not return any value. While declaring a constructor you will not have anything like return type. In general, Constructor is implicitly called at the time of instantiation. And it is not a method, its sole purpose is to initialize the instance variables.

Can you use return in a constructor?

All Answers (1) By definition there is no possibility of returning a value from a constructor. A constructor does not support any return type. Not even void. The implicit return type by default is the class type in which it is declared.

What is the return type of Constructors in C #?

1) Constructor doesn’t have a return type. Member function has a return type. 2) Constructor is automatically called when we create the object of the class. Member function needs to be called explicitly using object of class.

Can we declare constructor as private?

Yes. Class can have private constructor. Even abstract class can have private constructor. By making constructor private, we prevent the class from being instantiated as well as subclassing of that class.

What is the purpose of a private constructor?

Private constructors are used to prevent creating instances of a class when there are no instance fields or methods, such as the Math class, or when a method is called to obtain an instance of a class. If all the methods in the class are static, consider making the complete class static.

Can a constructor be private?

What is the difference between a constructor and a method?

Each time an object is created using new() keyword at least one constructor (it could be default constructor) is invoked to assign initial values to the data members of the same class….Difference between the Constructors and Methods.

Constructors Methods
A Constructor is invoked when a object is created using the keyword new. A Method is invoked through method calls.
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