Can I download my CV from indeed?

Can I download my CV from indeed?

To download and print your Indeed CV, follow these steps: Log into your Indeed account. Click on Download CV to save your CV as a PDF. Open the PDF and print.

How do I get to my Indeed resume?

After logging into your Indeed account, you should see a drop down with your name in the top right hand corner. Click that, and then View & Edit Resume. You can also choose to Download Resume.

How do I upload my Indeed CV to my phone?

If you already have a CV saved on your device, click on the ‘Upload your CV’ button and select the file you would like to upload. This will automatically populate the text fields with your information.

Should you put your photo on your CV?

A photo. So including a photo is going to create an immediate first impression on the recruiter that they won’t be able to ignore. Your CV shouldn’t contain any personal information that others can judge you on – the way you look, your age and whether or not you are married have no bearing on your ability to do the job …

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