Can I send a message to all my Facebook friends at once?

Can I send a message to all my Facebook friends at once?

If you want to send a message to all your Facebook friends at once, another option is to start a Group Chat. To do this, open the Compose Message box as you would when composing a personal message. Moving forward, you can send new messages to everyone at once by choosing that group.

How do I send a mass message on Facebook?

Sending a Message to Everyone Click the “Write Something” text field in the Status section of the page. Type a message in the text field. By default, the message will be public and visible to everyone on your page.

How do you send a message to everyone on messenger?

Tap the typing area at the bottom of the screen to open the keyboard and knock out your message. Once the message is finished, tap the Send button. Whenever you receive a response to the sent message, everyone within the group will see that response.

Can you send a mass message on messenger?

How Do I Send a Message to Multiple Friends? Messenger allows you to message multiple friends at once. For now, the maximum number of people you can message at the same time is 150. When you open a New message window and add more than one person as recipients, you’ll create a group chat.

How do you send a mass message on Facebook without it being a group?

Install the extension and go to Messenger for Web. Click the plus button to compose a new message and a pop-up will open. In the ‘Add Friends Here! ‘ field type the name of a friend you want to message and pick them out from the matching results.

How can I send a message to all my contacts?

Press the “Menu” key, and then tap “Send Message.” A list of contacts in the contact group displays.

How can I send a text message to multiple recipients?


  1. Tap Android Messages.
  2. Tap Menu (3 dots in the top right corner)
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Advanced.
  5. Tap Group Messaging.
  6. Tap “Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text)”

How can I send a message to all my Facebook friends?

You can do this by clicking in the “Name Your Group” text field and typing a name. You also have the option of adding an icon for the group by clicking + next to the name field. Add up to 150 friends to the message. You can click names in the list and/or type names into the “Search for people to add” list.

How many people can you send a message to on Facebook?

Facebook does not let you send a message to more than 150 people at one time. If you want to distribute information to everyone at once, post it on your profile. Be aware that Facebook users don’t see every post on their newsfeeds, so you can’t be confident everyone saw your message.

How do you invite people to a group on Facebook?

credit: Image courtesy of Facebook. Type a message in the “Post” field and click the “Post” button to send it to everyone who accepted the invitation. Posts to a group appear in your friends’ news feeds. Add a description for your group if you want, but this isn’t a requirement.

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