Can you put links in YouTube description?

Can you put links in YouTube description?

Adding links to YouTube video descriptions is a great way to credit your research and music sources, to cite who helped you make the video, or to advertise your own website. You can add links to your description on both desktop and in the YouTube mobile app.

Can you still use annotations in YouTube?

YouTube discontinued the annotations editor in May 2017. You can no longer add new or edit existing annotations, only delete them. Existing annotations still show when using a desktop computer, according to a Google post.

What is clickable annotation in YouTube?

Google’s Creator’s Academy describes YouTube Annotations as “clickable images and text you can add to each of your videos that encourage viewers to take an action at specific time points in your video.” In practice, they appear as text boxes, images, or video previews that pop up while a YouTube video is playing – in …

How do you annotate on YouTube?

Find annotations. At the top of the page, click Annotations (it’s fourth from the left). You see the page where you can choose annotations and begin adding annotations.

How do I add a PDF description to my YouTube video?

Here’s some idea: put a link of the YouTube video into your document files so that as you present the document you may click the link to open the YouTube video. Google product expert. You can put your pdf/others file in google drive and give the drive link on the video description.

What is external annotation on YouTube?

YouTube Annotations is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to increase engagement, viewership, and subscribers to your videos and YouTube channel.

Do annotations still exist?

Back in March 2017, YouTube announced that it would be discontinuing the annotations editor, effectively halting their use for any new videos. At the time, the company said that since introducing Cards and End Screens, the use of annotations had decreased by 70 percent.

Why are YouTube annotations gone?

YouTube actually announced the end of annotations early in 2017, when the video platform shut down the annotations editor. At the time, YouTube said the reason for ending them was due to a 70-percent decrease in usage. The main cause? Annotations simply didn’t work on mobile.

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