Did Jens Soering get out jail?

Did Jens Soering get out jail?

Jens Soering freed in Germany after 33 years in Virginia prison.

Why is Jens Soering estranged from his family?

Soering’s mother died while he was in prison and he has said he is now estranged from his father. He did not say where he planned to live in Germany and took no questions at the airport. He asked reporters to respect his privacy for the next few weeks while he tries to settle back into society.

Where is Jens Söring now?

Jens Soering is back in Germany this morning – paroled after more than 33 years behind bars, 29 of them in Virginia. He was convicted in the brutal murder of his girlfriend’s parents – a crime he insists he did not commit.

How old is Elizabeth Haysom?

57 years (April 15, 1964)
Elizabeth Haysom/Age

Is Elizabeth Haysom in Canada?

Jens Söering and Elizabeth Haysom were both released early from prison. It took years and involved extradition, as Jens Söering is German and Elizabeth Haysom is Canadian, but in 1990 Söering was sentenced to two life sentences in prison for the murders.

Who killed haysoms?

The Haysoms’ bodies were discovered three days later, on April 3rd, 1985, by a close family friend, Annie Massie. Authorities were puzzled: Nobody had any known motive to kill the Haysoms.

Who is Elizabeth Haysom and who is Jens Soering?

Haysom, a Canadian citizen, is awaiting deportation to that country. From an ICE detention facility in Georgia, she declined an interview request. Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom, convicted in sensational 1985 double murders, released by Virginia

Why did soring and Haysom go to England?

Haysom and Söring were not initially suspects in the Haysoms’ murders. Six months after the murder, Söring and Haysom went to England, where they were arrested on 30 April 1986 for writing over $5,000 ($11,800 today) in fake cashier checks and then using false documentation and lying to the police in London.

Who was Elizabeth Haysom’s boyfriend at University of Virginia?

Soering said he still has hopes that Northam will agree to review his petition again and, ultimately, grant it. Soering and his then-girlfriend, Elizabeth Haysom, were University of Virginia honors students in 1985 when her parents — Derek and Nancy Haysom — were found stabbed and nearly decapitated at their home in central Virginia.

How old was Nancy Haysom when she met Soering?

Nancy Haysom (right) is seen here with her mother (left) in this undated family photo. In 1984, Soering, the son of a German diplomat, was a freshman and a Jefferson scholar with a full scholarship to the University of Virginia. He met Elizabeth Haysom, then 20, on campus.

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