Do CV axles have bearings?

Do CV axles have bearings?

A CV axle bearing incases an inner and outer roller bearing set into one outer race and two inner races with seals at either end. This bearing is used when a car is designed with front or rear wheel drive CV axles. The wheel is bolted to the axle hub which is attached to the end of the CV joint.

What happens when a wheel bearing goes bad?

If a wheel bearing goes bad, more friction will be placed on the wheel, and the wheel will start to wobble. The most common symptom with a bad wheel bearing is a loud noise coming from the tire or wheel of the vehicle. It will sound like metal grinding on metal and will get louder as the vehicle goes faster.

Is a noisy wheel bearing dangerous?

A rumbling or humming sound is another sign of a worn wheel bearing. Since the wheel bearing is not properly lubricated, friction increases on the bearing which can cause the wheel to stop suddenly. This can happen anytime you are driving down the road, which is dangerous for you and those around you.

Should both wheel bearings be replaced at the same time?

Based on this line of thinking, it would make sense to recommend replacing both wheel bearing hubs at the same time even though only one has obviously failed. As long as the other wheel bearing is not making noise and play is still within specifications, it should remain in service.

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