Does Mu Sigma hire freshers?

Does Mu Sigma hire freshers?

About Company:Mu Sigma is an Indian management consulting firm that primarily offers analytics services….Mu Sigma Freshers Off Campus Recruitment 2020 2021.

Title Of Job Freshers Position, Trainee
Experience Freshers
Location Across, India
Organization Mu Sigma
Salary As per market standard

How much does Mu Sigma for freshers?

₹8,16,929 – ₹8,87,731.

Is Mu Sigma a good company?

Mu Sigma is a great place to learn but it pays less than what you deserve or what was said to you. It is mainly client oriented company. You get unexpected deadlines without considering the difficulty level of the job to be done.

How do I get a job with Mu Sigma?

  1. Stage 1: Online aptitude test.
  2. Stage 2: Group activity. The group activity involves giving solutions on particular problem statement in groups. About 12 mins is given to groups of 6 to discuss and give opinions.
  3. Stage 3: Phone interview with HR.
  4. Stage 4: Onsite.

What is Mu Sigma?

Mu Sigma is an Indian decision sciences firm that primarily offers data analytics services. The firm’s name is derived from the statistical terms “Mu (μ)” and “Sigma (σ)” which symbolize the mean and the standard deviation, respectively, of a probability distribution.

How do you get placed in Mu Sigma?

Academic Criteria:

  1. A candidate should be an engineering graduate from any recognized University.
  2. A candidate must have a minimum of 60% marks in graduation.
  3. No backlogs at the time of appearing for Mu Sigma selection process. Check the blog to know more on Mu Sigma Recruitment Eligibility Criteria.

Does Mu Sigma have a bond?

Life of Trainee Decision Scientist at Mu Sigma Freshers have to sign a 3-year bond with the company. Further, if someone wants to leave the company prematurely, they have to return the 500000 salary advance that employees received in their 6th month at the company and serve a 6 months.

Is Mu Sigma a MNC?

Mu Sigma is an Indian decision sciences firm that primarily offers data analytics services….Mu Sigma.

Type Indian Privately Owned
Industry Management consulting
Founded (2004)
Founder Dhiraj Rajaram
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois

Is Mu Sigma profitable?

Mu Sigma has reported a 22% growth in net profits at Rs 462.9 crore ($70 million) on a revenue of Rs 809.5 crore ($125 million) for 2015-16. Mu Sigma had reported a profit of Rs 380 crore ($59 million) and revenue of Rs 684.2 crore ($106 million) in 2014-15. 2016 was a tough year for Mu Sigma.

Is Mu Sigma an MNC?

What is Mu Sigma aptitude?

Mu Sigma Test pattern consists of four sections Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning,Verbal Ability, Critical Thinking and Personality Profile/Psychomatric test with total of 55 questions in 50 minutes. Quantitative Aptitude and Logical reasoning section combined consists of 15 questions.

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