Does Robbins Brothers replace lost rings?

Does Robbins Brothers replace lost rings?

We will replace any diamond, ruby, and sapphire which in normal use chips, cracks or separates from its mounting and is lost with a diamond, ruby, or sapphire of comparable quality up to 110% of the original gemstone purchase price for the purchaser’s lifetime.

Can you get W ring resized?

Resizing works for rings made of materials a jeweler can alter, such as gold, silver and platinum. The process will generally last up to two weeks, though it may take longer if the request is complicated or the ring is intricate. In addition, most rings can be only sized up or down two sizes.

How much does it cost to resize a vintage ring?

Cost of Resizing a Ring The cost to resize your engagement ring should cost anywhere between $100 – $150.

Can a ring be resized the same day?

Many local jewelers will give you a quote of one week, just to be safe. But it is often the case that the jeweler will be able to have your ring resized for you that same day or the next day. Be sure to ask your jeweler about the current workload and the turnaround time for your particular ring.

Does Robbins brother solder rings?

The Master Jeweler is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Jewelers Shop. He/she will do the custom work that needs to be done to assist with store revenue as well as perform basic sizing, soldering & prong setting in gold, platinum and palladium.

How much does it cost to resize a ring at Zales?

Consider the Savings

Ring Sizing (up or down two sizes) $50 – $86
Prong /Stone Tightening $50 – $54
Stone Resetting $50 – $150
Repair Damaged Setting $110+

How many times can a ring be resized?

A ring can be resized as many as 2-4 times and can be resized up to 2-5 sizes, based on the delicacy and structure of the ring itself. Of course, every time you resize a ring, you do weaken it ever so slightly, so we recommend being cautious with how often (and how much bigger), you’re planning to resize it.

Where can I find Robbins Brothers engagement rings?

Find your nearest Robbins Brothers Engagement Ring Store. We’re not your average jewelry store. Our concierge service, in-house master jewelers, and 5-star reviews are just the start.

What kind of bank does Robbins brothers work with?

Robbins Brothers works with you to make buying your ring as easy as possible. We have options for customers with all types of credit history. We work with multiple lenders, including Synchrony Bank, TD Bank N.A., and our own in-house Diamond Account.

How to return items to the Robbins Brothers?

Call 800 295-1543 and you will be sent via e-mail, a Return Slip that includes a Return Authorization Code. After 30 days, items may not be returned for any reason. What is the Robbins Brothers trade-in policy? As your marriage grows, Robbins Brothers will grow right alongside you.

Do you have to wear mask at Robbins Brothers?

Covid-19 Update: We will continue to require all team members and guests to wear masks inside our LA county stores, and recommended the same for our other stores unless fully vaccinated. If there’s anything we can do to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and safe, do let us know.

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