Has it snowed in Kasauli today?

Has it snowed in Kasauli today?

Kasauli and Dagshai on Thursday received season’s first snowfall. Tourists made a beeline to Kasauli even as vehicles skid on the road owing to the slippery surface. Locals celebrated the snowfall and could be seen out playing amidst the chilling cold.

Where is Kasauli in HP?

Solan district
Kasauli is a cantonment and town, located in Solan district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh….Kasauli.

Kasauli Kussowlie
Coordinates:30.9°N 76.96°ECoordinates:30.9°N 76.96°E
Country India
State Himachal Pradesh
District Solan

Is Kasauli beautiful?

While Kasauli is a beautiful hill station that can be visited throughout the year, make sure you check the weather before planning your trip for an impeccable experience. Do check the timings of every attraction before visiting it.

How often does the snow fall in Kasauli?

Regular snowfall in Kasauli every year isn’t guaranteed but if you are lucky enough you may get to be enthralled by the breathtaking snowfall at this lovely town. During the snowfall the place becomes surreal and angelic – completely covered with snow flakes.

Is it fun to walk down Mall Road in Kasauli?

It is a fun to stroll down at Kasauli’s popular mall road in the coldish evenings. It is altogether a different fun to sip your favourite cup of tea or coffee in the shivery cold of this hill station. There are a good number of food outlets serving fresh hot sumptuous cuisines.

How tall is the Christ Church in Kasauli?

This Himalayan town is famous for its sublime natural beauty and beatific trails around it. This is also home to bewildering colonial architecture including the famous imposing Christ Church and temples at the top of hills. Kasauli is located at a height of 1927 meters (almost 6000 feet).

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