How are glass splashbacks made?

How are glass splashbacks made?

How are glass splashbacks made? Glass splashbacks are usually made from float glass (or low-iron glass, if a clearer, less greenish glass is what’s needed). Toughened glass should carry an AS2208 label, and glass splashbacks need to be a minimum of 6mm toughened glass.

Can you drill holes in glass splashbacks?

No. Glass splashbacks are generally toughened and any holes have to be done prior to the toughening process or the sheet will shatter. Providing you have two clean smooth faces a good adhesive like super glue will hold it but will take a while to cure if you use a bit of it.

What is the maximum length of glass splashback?

3.6 meters
The maximum length that we can go in one panel is 3.6 meters. If your kitchen exceeds that 3.6 metres, that means the glass splashback will need to have joins, and you can rest easy on this, as our expertise and experience come into play here.

Are there any glass splashbacks in Auckland kitchen?

With over a decade of experience designing, colour matching, painting and installing glass splashbacks in Auckland’s kitchens and bathrooms. We have the experience and know how to finish a kitchen in style.

Why do you need a splashback in your kitchen?

A glass kitchen splashback or bathroom splashback protects the wall from splashes and is an easy and cost effective way to enhance your kitchen or bathroom area. They are also easy to clean & maintain. A mirror effect can makes an area look more spacious

What’s the best way to make a splashback?

Be creative. Lift your kitchen or bathroom with a standout image or graphic splashback. Toughened glass is extremely easy to clean. With no joins and a smooth texture, most smears and marks simply wipe right off with a spray of ordinary glass cleaner.

How are glass splashbacks fixed to the wall?

The crystal-clear appearance of Low Iron Glass allows true colour display and greater clarity. Glass splashbacks can be fixed to the wall using an adhesive fixing (translucent sealant) to ensure the splashback stays secure and fixed. This method will leave you with a nice clean look finish.

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