How can I get encumbrance certificate in Bangalore?

How can I get encumbrance certificate in Bangalore?

First, download the EC application form i.e. Form 22. The application should be addressed to the jurisdictional sub-registrar’s office, under which the property is registered. Fill the name and address details of the owner. In case a lawyer is applying for the EC on behalf of you, then they usually fill their details.

Can we get encumbrance certificate online in Bangalore?

Encumbrance Certificate or EC is one of the most important land document. Many of us used to visit the registrar office and apply manually and wait for 1-2 days to get it. However, now the Government of Karnataka made it simple to apply it online and download it.

How do I get EC on BBMP online?

Procedure to Track the Status of Your Encumbrance Certificate Application Online

  1. Visit the Kaveri Online Service portal at
  2. Select ‘Online EC application’ option from the ‘Service Type’ section.
  3. Once the certified copy of the EC is available online, you will be able to download it.

How many days it will take to get online EC in Bangalore?

Generally it is very nominal.) The time taken to get EC statement is around 10 to 30 days.

Can we get EC online in Karnataka?

Applying for EC online in Karnataka is a fairly simple process. You can get an encumbrance certificate online in Karnataka by visiting the official website ‘Kaveri Online Services.

How can I get EC offline in Bangalore?

To obtain EC offline, you need to submit Form No. 22 (application for EC). You have to affix Rs 2 non-judicial stamp on the application. You need to provide complete residential address and the purpose for which the certificate is required.

What is EC in Bangalore?

Encumbrance certificate in Bangalore is a document issued by the sub-registrar’s office which reflects these encumbrances on a particular property in a chronological order. The encumbrance certificate is a mandatory document used in property transactions as an evidence of free title/absolute ownership.

How can I check my Villangam certificate?

To check your villangam certificate online, all you have to do is go to the registration department’s official website. After this, click on E-services. Choose the encumbrance certificate option, and in the requests section, you can check your certificate.

How to get encumbrance certificate ( EC ) in Bangalore?

Procedure for obtaining EC. To get an EC, one needs to apply at the registration office where the property has been registered. Form no- 22 (an application form) must be filled up with the attested copy of address proof, title (ownership) and details about the property.

What do you need to know about an encumbrance certificate?

An Encumbrance Certificate or EC is a certificate of assurance that the property in question is free from any legal or monetary liability such as a mortgage or an uncleared loan.

When does the encumbrance year end in Karnataka?

The encumbrance year commences from April 1st of a calendar and closes on March 31st, of the next calendar year. The EC is provided in the regional language which is Kannada. The fees have to be paid for one entire year, even if the duration of EC is only for a month.

What can you do with an EC certificate?

An EC certificate provides that your property is debt free or there is no loan to clear. So, you can get future loans for construction on your property. For example, you would not be able to get house building loan if you do not possess an EC.

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