How did the Bilderbergers get their name?

How did the Bilderbergers get their name?

This elite group is governed by an even more secretive, almost entirely anonymous, inner circle of fifteen, known as the Incunabula. The Bilderbergers got their name from the place of their first meeting in 1954, the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland.

What is the agenda of the Bilderberg Group?

The Bilderberg Group publishes on its website a simple list of the items that will be discussed at an upcoming meeting, without giving any further details. For the 2016 meeting here is the list of the topics up for discussion:

Who was Prime Minister after attending Bilderberg Meeting?

Everyone invited sees a major career boost after attending a Bilderberg meeting. Bill Clinton attended while he was the Governor of Arkansas and within a year he was President of the United States. Tony Blair became Prime Minister of the UK, four years after going to his first Bilderberg meeting. 19.

Is the Bilderbergers really a secret society?

The following article is from Conspiracies and Secret Societies. It is a summary of a conspiracy theory, not a statement of fact. The Bilderbergers, a powerful international secret society made up of six hundred wealthy and influential individuals, has an aggressive plan to achieve world domination.

Where was the 2011 meeting of the Bilderbergers held?

The 2011 meeting of the Bilderbergers was held at the Suvretta Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland on June 9. In attendance, by invitation only, were 140 prominent figures from politics, banking, business, and the military, who met behind closed doors.

What are the goals of the Bilderberg Group?

The Bilderberg Group’s primary goal has reportedly been expanded to take in a more all-encompassing endorsement of Western free market capitalism over the years, although the conspiracy theorists believe their agenda is either to impose pan-global fascism or totalitarian Marxism. They’re just not sure which.

When did the first Bilderberg meeting take place?

The first Bilderberg meeting was held during 1954. The organization was founded with the intent to create powerful connections between European countries and North Americans.

Where does the Bilderberg Group meet each year?

The secretive Bilderberg Group gathers for its annual meeting this week, which is taking place in Montreux, Switzerland.

Are there any conspiracy theories about the Bilderberg Group?

Conspiracy Theories The Bilderberg Group is a conspiracy theorist’s dream scenario. Since no one except the attendees of the Bilderberg meetings knows what is said or done, anything imaginable might be going on. Author David Ike says the “Bilderbergers” are shapeshifting lizards doing the work of the Illuminati.

Is the Bilderberg Group Guided by the Illuminati?

• As the twenty-first century progresses,a new system of fascism will emerge under the guise of “free-trade” practices that will in fact be guided by the Illuminati. • The Bilderbergers have approved the Red Chinese model of economics as the standard for the emerging European superstate and the United States.

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