How do I change database to Archivelog mode?

How do I change database to Archivelog mode?

Enabling ARCHIVELOG mode

  1. Log in as user oracle and enter the following commands: $ export ORACLE_SID=
  2. To enable ARCHIVELOG mode status, enter the following SQL commands: SQL> Shutdown SQL> Startup mount SQL> Alter database archivelog; SQL> alter database open;

How do I change my Archivelog destination?

Expand Databases. Expand your database. Expand Instance and select Configuration. You can change the archive destination on the Recovery page.

How do I change database status mounted to open?

To open a mounted database, use the ALTER DATABASE statement with the OPEN clause: ALTER DATABASE OPEN; After executing this statement, any valid Oracle Database user with the CREATE SESSION system privilege can connect to the database.

How do I add database to Archivelog mode 11g?

How to configure oracle 11g database in archivelog mode

  1. Step-I: Shutdown database: SQL> shutdown immediate;
  2. Step-II: Startup your database in mount mode: SQL> startup mount;
  3. Step-III: Configure database in archivelog: SQL> alter database archivelog;
  4. Step-IV: Open database in read write mode: SQL> alter database open;

How do I know if my database is in archivelog mode?

Checking ARCHIVELOG mode status

  1. Log in as OS user oracle and enter the following commands: $ export ORACLE_SID= where is the name of the database $ sqlplus /nolog SQL> connect / as sysdba.
  2. To check the ARCHIVELOG mode status, enter the following SQL command: SQL> archive log list;

How do you change from Noarchivelog mode to Archivelog mode?

Switching Database Archiving Mode

  1. Shut down the database instance.
  2. Backup the database.
  3. Perform any operating system specific steps (optional).
  4. Start up a new instance and mount, but do not open the database.
  5. Put the database into archivelog mode.
  6. Open the database.
  7. Verify your database is now in archivelog mode.

How do I know if my archive log is full?

The following commands can be used to locate the Oracle archive logs:

  1. Issue the archive log list command: SQL> archive log list.
  2. Issue the show parameter command: SQL> show parameter db_recovery_file_dest.
  3. Query the v$archive_dest view: SQL> select dest_name, status, destination from v$archive_dest;

How do I change the Archivelog destination in Oracle 11g RAC?

Change Archivelog Destination In Oracle

  1. Description:-
  2. Step:-1 Check archivelog location before change.
  3. Check Current Archivelog Location:
  4. SQL> archive log list.
  5. Step:-2 Change archivelog location.
  6. Note:- 1st set the FRA value before changing.
  7. Step:-3 Check the status of archivelog location.
  8. SQL> archive log list.

Why is it so long to shut down immediate?

Shutdown immediate can take long time to complete (appear to be hung) because of three reasons: 1. Uncommitted transactions are being rolled back. 2.

What happens when alter database open Resetlogs?

SQL> alter database open resetlogs; The OPEN RESETLOGS operation creates a new incarnation of the database, resets the log sequence to 1 and online redo logs are given a new time stamp and SCN. Prior to Oracle 10g, the newly generated redo log files could not be used with the backups taken in the past.

What is Level 0 and Level 1 backup?

A level 0 incremental backup, which copies all blocks in the data file, is used as a starting point for an incremental backup strategy. A level 1 incremental backup copies only images of blocks that have changed since the previous level 0 or level 1 incremental backup.

What is the difference between archive log mode and Noarchivelog mode?

ARCHIVELOG mode is a mode that you can put the database in for creating a backup of all transactions that have occurred in the database so that you can recover to any point in time. NOARCHIVELOG mode is basically the absence of ARCHIVELOG mode and has the disadvantage of not being able to recover to any point in time.

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