How do I configure a new output type in SAP MM?

How do I configure a new output type in SAP MM?

1). Go to T-Code NACE. Select Billing Type V3-Billing and Click Output Type. 2) Click on New Entry and enter the Output Type, Description and Access Sequence in General Data Tab.

How do I set message output type in SAP?

If you are using the SAP MM module, in the Structure tree, navigate to the following path: Purchasing > Messages > Output Control > Message Types > Define Message Types for Scheduling Agreement Release/Expediter, and then click Maintain Message Types for Forecast Delivery Schedule.

How do you check PO output in SAP?

Perform this procedure when you need to display a purchase order established by another requisitioner, using the ME23N transaction.

  1. Select “ECC.” At the top level of SAP, select.
  2. Select “ME23N.” Select “ME23N – SRM.
  3. Enter the PO Number. The most recent.
  4. Review the PO.
  5. View the Purchase Order History.

How do I set up Nace?

Go to transaction NACE, choose the application type V1 and click on the ‘Output types’ button in the application tool bar.

  1. Figure 1: Conditions for Output Control (Transaction NACE)
  2. Figure 2: Output types Overview.
  3. Figure 3: Processing routines.
  4. Figure 4: Creating condition record in the Order.

What is output determination?

Output determination is the process to determine the “media” such as printouts, telexes, faxes, e-mails, or EDI that are sent from one business to any of its business partners.

How do you check output type configuration in SAP?

Output determination for sales activities.

  1. Enter T-code V/30 in the command field. Select output types node.
  2. Enter output type , description and select general data tab. Enter Access sequence.
  3. Enter Transmission medium(medium of output). Enter Partner function.
  4. Check timing 4 in time tab.
  5. Click on save button.

What are output types?

Output types are used to represent various forms of output in the SAP System. Examples of output types in Sales and Distribution processing are order confirmations, freight lists, and invoices.

How do I edit a purchase order in SAP?

Step 1) For changing an existing purchase order you can use transaction code ME22N (or ME22 – the old version). Purchase order = > Other Purchase Order. You will be presented a screen to enter the document you want to process. We can add another item and save our purchase order.

What is NACE configuration?

NACE is the Tcode used to link the Application type, Output Types and its processing Routines like ( Driver programs and attached Script forms or Smartforms). You should know the Application of a document first Like: for PO it is EF, for sales Doc’s it is V1, for Delivery docs it is V2, for billing Doc’s it is V3 etc.

How to create an output type for Po?

SPRO- MM-Purchasing—Messages- Message type – Output Control – Define message type for PO. Create your output type here. Preferred way is to copy the SAP given output type and copy it to a custom one.

How to change the output type in SAP?

General practice is to copy std form / Program copy it into your own and assign here to the output type. Then if you have specific requirements for the output form, you need to modify the PO form you have created. To print the PO, you need to create condition record for that output type using transaction MN04.

How to print purchase order output in SAP?

Now you create PO (ME21N) and save it. Go to ME22N and print the PO by giving output type. Help to improve this answer by adding a comment. If you have a different answer for this question, then please use the Your Answer form at the bottom of the page instead.

How to create a condition record for a Po?

To print the PO, you need to create condition record for that output type using transaction MN04. Alternatively, you can assign the printer in the configuration to the associated Purchasing Group. You can also use t code NACE to do all of these steps.

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