How do I create a new fill in ArchiCAD?

How do I create a new fill in ArchiCAD?

How to create a custom fill: Choose the hotspot tool to create what will be your fill boundary nodes….Custom fill

  1. Select it all ( including the hotspots) and copy.
  2. Go to Options> Element Attributes> Fills.
  3. Click on New…
  4. And Create a new Symbol fill.

How do I fill an image in ArchiCAD?

By default, ArchiCAD provides two Image fills as Attributes, but you can define your own. To create a new Image fill, go to Options > Element Attributes > Fill Types. Click New. In the Add New Fill dialog box, choose Image fill.

How do I make a transparent fill in ArchiCAD?

If you find that the Fills are transparent (i.e. not visible), bring up the Trace & Reference Palette and click on ‘Make Fills and Zones transparent (Display only)’ option and turn if OFF.

How do I show Hatch in ArchiCAD?

Elements will display the hatching of a vectorial fill on the Floor Plan only if you have activated View > On-Screen View Options > Vectorial Hatching. (Otherwise, the on-screen display will show the fill’s bitmap face.)

How do I create a new project in ARCHICAD?

1. Double-click the Archicad Icon from the desktop 2. Click on the Grey Warning/Information box when it appears on the screen. 3. Click on the Create a New Projectdot and click OK. (To load a pre-existing document click on Browse for Project and locate the desired file.) Note:Each new project will create two files in the directory.

How do you set the scale in ARCHICAD?

To set the scale of your drawing, click on the scale indicator at the bottom of the Archicad window and select the desired scale. The software, by default, is set to the residential scale. See sample workspace below. Step 2: Setting Up the Workspace 1. Click the Arrow Tool at the top of the Toolbox. 2.

What’s the default size for the grid in ARCHICAD?

Set Up the Grid:By now, you’ve probably noticed that there is a predefined grid in the background of your workspace. When using Archicad to draw a floor plan, you will use this grid to aid you as the designer. The software’s default size for the grid is 4’-0” x 4’-0” for each square space.

How do you delete elevation markers in ARCHICAD?

1. Click the Arrow Tool at the top of the Toolbox. 2. Select the four elevation markers on the workspace. You can click them one at a time or hold the shift key while clicking to select all of them. The elevation markers look like this: 3. Hit Delete.

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