How do I get my free 2021 Lyft ride?

How do I get my free 2021 Lyft ride?

In your Lyft app, go to the section that says “Free Rides.” Get a referral link, and send it to your friends and family. When they sign up for Lyft using the link and purchase their first ride, you’ll get one free.

Are there any Lyft promo codes?

Using a Lyft Promo Code

Lyft Promo Code Promotion Amount
LYFTPROMO25 Receive $2.50 off your first 10 rides ($25 total credit)
SAVE20 Use this code to receive $20 in free Lyft credit for your first ride.
LYFTPROMO18 Receive $3 off your first six rides ($18 total credit).

Where do I put promo code for Lyft?

Open the Lyft app. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner. Tap ‘Rewards’ in the menu that appears. Tap ‘Enter promo code’ to add your code (remember to check spelling)

Is Lyft expensive at night?

No, the time does not affect price, unless there is surge pricing. For rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, the base price is the same regardless of the time you are taking the trip. The rates are determiend by duration and distance, and per mile and per minute rates are the same day or night.

Why did I get a Lyft code text?

A telephone number must be provided to Lyft in order to utilize the ride-hailing service. Lyft will then send an autodialed text message to the phone number on file. This text message alerts the user to the driver’s name and vehicle information, and notifies the user when the driver has arrived.

Are there any Lyft promo codes for existing users?

Once you’ve claimed your new user promotion, you may be wondering if you’re eligible for any other Lyft discount codes. The answer is yes. While Lyft promo codes for existing users aren’t as readily available as those for new riders, you’ll likely be eligible for at least a handful each year — more if you’re a frequent Lyft user.

Can you use a Lyft code on Uber Eats?

Use Code: EATS-UBERVIP3 for $20 Off Your Uber Eats Order OR better yet get $30 Credit for DoorDash. However, if you use the Freebird app as an existing Lyft user you may still grab savings on every ride you take. Good news! If you are reading this article you can use a Lyft free ride code as a new user.

Are there any location specific codes for Lyft?

Promotion is location-specific: Some Lyft credit codes are location-specific and only work in certain cities. A Lyft ride credit may be valid in one city, like San Diego, but invalid in another, like San Francisco.

Are there any Lyft ride passes for existing users?

Ride Passes aren’t being offered to all existing users at the moment, but if you’re a frequent user of Lyft, you may find a Ride Pass invitation in your inbox every so often. These ride passes allow you to purchase a bulk amount of rides at a discounted price (ex: $5 off 15 rides).

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