How do I start learning Windows Server?

How do I start learning Windows Server?


  1. Installing / configuring Windows Server 2016.
  2. Build a Windows Domain.
  3. Configure your Windows Server 2016 OS to act as a DHCP server.
  4. Install, configure and deploy the Domain Name System (DNS) role on your Windows Server.
  5. Install and Configure a Domain Controller (DC)

What is Windows Server course?

About this Course This course explores what it takes to design and build the server side of Windows in an enterprise environment. This course will explore everything from Windows Server installation to configuring users, to hardening the server operating system itself.

What is the cost of MCSA certification?

MCSA certification costs Most MCSA certifications require passing either two or three exams. At $165 per exam, a two-exam certification would cost $330, and a three-exam certification would cost $495.

How long does IT take to study for MCSA?

While it might seem ambitious to knock out two Microsoft exams in four months, the vast majority of polled IT professionals found two months enough to study for most MCSA exams. Since these Microsoft certifications have two exams, they should be attainable in four months.

What is the best way to learn Windows Server?

The Best Windows Server Courses and Trainings

  1. Udemy: Windows Server 2019 – Active Directory, GPO, R.
  2. LinkedIn: Windows Server 2019 Essential Training.
  3. Udemy: Learning Windows Server 2019.
  4. Mastering Windows Server 2019, Jordan Krause.
  5. Windows Server 2019 & PowerShell All-in-One for Dummies, Sara Perrott.

What is server beginner?

Servers act as platforms for sharing data (files / images) and applications (email etc.) across multiple users. A server uses many of the same components as a regular PC, but these are usually of a higher grade, designed & built for constant rather than sporadic use.

What can I learn on Windows server?

It covers the basics of installation and configuration, storage, network infrastructure, network components, network protocols, server roles, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Group Policy, IT security, server security, network security, security software, monitoring server performance, and maintaining a …

What is Microsoft training?

Microsoft technical training grants proficiency in Microsoft products and technology, and allows professionals to get up to speed on the essential tools that many organizations value today. Microsoft certifications have become the most sought after in the IT industry.

What is Microsoft cloud certification?

Microsoft cloud certification is a relatively new certification that is gaining ground very fast. It is also rising in popularity as seen above. Microsoft cloud Certification provides individuals with the chance to join a very promising field in IT with a very high chance of getting employed.

What is MS course?

Ans. MS degree is a professional industry oriented course in the field of engineering and management providing various specializations which students can pursue based on your interest. The course duration is typically of 3 years with the main focus on the training provided to have a successful career in the research and academic domain.

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