How do I stream Q101?

How do I stream Q101?

Q101 on Android, Blackberry and Windows via iHeartRadio You can download the Q101 App for Android here. We’ve also partnered with iHeartRadio to offer Q101 on the free iHeartRadio App available for iOS devices in itunes here, or you can download and listen to Q101 on the free iHeartRadio App for Android here.

What does Wkqx stand for?


Technical information
Licensing authority FCC
Facility ID 19525
Class B

What happened to Q101 Chicago?

WHAT HAPPENED TO Q101 ON 101.1 FM? The company that owned 101.1 FM (Emmis) sold the radio station to a new company. The new company never intended to keep Alternative music on the air on 101.1. They made the decision to change the format of 101.1 FM from Alternative to News and let the entire air staff go.

What was the first radio station known for making up and coming alternative rock format?

In September 1988, Billboard introduced “alternative” into their charting system to reflect the rise of the format across radio stations in the United States by stations like KROQ-FM in Los Angeles and WDRE-FM in New York, which were playing music from more underground, independent, and non-commercial rock artists.

What kind of music does 101.1 play?

The station is owned by Audacy, Inc. and broadcasts a classic hits format. KRTH’s studios are located on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles….KRTH.

Frequency 101.1 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding K-Earth 101
Language(s) English
Format Classic hits

What station is Brooke and Jeffrey on?

105.5 FM
BROOKE & JEFFREY » Live 105.5 FM.

What was the first FM rock station?

On March 1, 1941 W47NV began broadcasting in Nashville, Tennessee, becoming the first fully licensed commercial FM station. There was significant interest in the new FM band by station owners, however, construction restrictions that went into place during World War II limited the growth of the new service.

What is the number for K-Earth 101?

Say It And Win is BACK!! Tune in every weekday at 9:10 am and 4:10 pm for your chance to play! Start practicing NOW by saying “K-Earth 101” as many times as you can in 10 seconds with the help of our official timer! When you’re ready, listen for the cue and call 1-800-232-KRTH to play!

When did Q101 go to FM in Canada?

Merritt Broadcasting, that station’s owner, received CRTC approval to convert to the FM band in 2009, and the station was relaunched on FM on August 31 that year.

What does the Q101 stand for in Chicago?

When it is shown in Chicago, everyone recognizes it. Q101 is a warm blanket, a plate of comfort food, or a phone call with a close friend. Not WKXQ.

How often should you listen to Q 101.9?

Listen Weekdays For Your Chance At $1,000 12x-a-Day! Listen For Your Chance To Win! Listen every weekend- starting Friday at 5PM! Kick Off The Experience With Your Favorite Artist And Populate Your Playlist Now!

When did Chris Cornell appear on Q101?

Apr 21, 2009 Chris Cornell Stops by To Chat with Sherman & Tingle on Q101 Sherman and Tingle sit down with Chris Cornell to discuss family, Trent Reznor, singing and music in general. live at [Read more…] Listen and learn as Dave Grohl teaches you the history of The Pretender as well as the finger work to play it yourself [Read more…]

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