How do I uninstall Dridex?

How do I uninstall Dridex?

Home remediation

  1. Double-click MBSetup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.
  2. When your Malwarebytes for Windows installation completes, the program opens to the Welcome to Malwarebytes screen.
  3. Click on the Get started button.
  4. Click Scan to start a Threat Scan.
  5. Click Quarantine to remove the found threats.

Which type of approach is used by Dridex malware?

Dridex is an online banking malware used by hackers to steal personal data via HTML injections. Using this malware, hackers steal financial data and other identifiers for users. Dridex malware generally appears as a spam email with a Microsoft Word document attached to it.

Who created Dridex?

Necurs Maksim Yakubets
In December 2019, US authorities filed charges against two suspects believed to have created the Dridex malware, including the group’s alleged leader….Dridex.

Type Trojan
Author(s) Necurs Maksim Yakubets

What is TrickBot Trojan?

TrickBot is an advanced Trojan that malicious actors spread primarily by spearphishing campaigns using tailored emails that contain malicious attachments or links, which—if enabled—execute malware (Phishing: Spearphishing Attachment [T1566.

What is TrickBot trojan?

Is TrickBot a Trojan?

TrickBot is a sophisticated (and common) modular threat known for stealing credentials and delivering a range of follow-on ransomware and other malware. But it started out as a pure-play banking trojan, harvesting online banking credentials by redirecting unsuspecting users to malicious copycat websites.

What is a banking Trojan?

Ergo, a banking Trojan/banking malware represents a malicious computer program that tries to obtain access to confidential information which is stored or processed through online banking systems, while operating just like the Trojan horse from Troy’s legend.

What kind of malware is the Dridex Trojan?

Dridex is a banking Trojan. After almost a decade since it was first discovered, the threat is still active. According to a report published by Check Point [1], Dridex was one of the most prevalent malware in 2020.

Is the Dridex Trojan used for financial gain?

Dridex is a banking Trojan that has been used for financial gain. Dridex was created from the source code of the Bugat banking trojan (also known as Cridex). [1] [2] Dridex has used HTTPS for C2 communications.

Is the Zeus banking trojan the same as Dridex?

The now infamous Dridex banking Trojan can trace much of its DNA to Cridex and Bugat [3]. Dridex itself appeared shortly after the Zeus banking Trojan was taken down.

When did ta505 come out with Dridex?

Dridex itself appeared shortly after the Zeus banking Trojan was taken down. It was originally documented [4] on July 25, 2014 (or June 22, 2014, according to Kaspersky [5]) and the first campaign we observed in which TA505 distributed Dridex occurred three days later on July 28.

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