How do I use Servlet Filter to check session time-out?

How do I use Servlet Filter to check session time-out?

Right now, I check session time-out in each of my servlet. People are saying that servlet filter can be used to check session time-out with all JSPs and servlets remain intact. How do I use servlet filter to check session time-out?

How to programmatically set session timeout in Java?

Programmatic configuration for session timeout does have an open issue on the Servlet Spec JIRA – but the issue has not yet been scheduled. 3. Programmatic Timeout per Individual Session The timeout of the current session only can be specified programmatically via the API of the javax.servlet.http.HttpSession:

Where can I find the default Tomcat session timeout?

Tomcat Session Timeout All Tomcat servers provide a default web.xml file that can be configured globally for the entire web server – this is located in: This default deployment descriptor does configure a with to a value of 30 minutes.

How to get filterconfig object in servlet container?

The init () method will get called by the servlet container and will get FilterConfig object as arguement. From this config object, we read the init parameters.

When to add filter to servletoutputstream class?

Normally, this cannot be done after the servlet output stream has been closed (essentially, after the servlet has committed it). That is the reason for implementing a filter-specific extension to the ServletOutputStream class in this example.

When to redirect when session is expired in servlets?

You basically want to redirect to login page when user is not logged in. Not when session is expired. The currently accepted answer only checks HttpSession#isNew ().

Where is the dofilter ( ) method in servlet?

The doFilter () method contains the code that implements the filter. In the generic case, just call the filter chain. The init () method saves the filter configuration in a variable.

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