How do you calculate gas flow?

How do you calculate gas flow?

R = Universal Gas Flow Constant (1545 ft•lbf/(lb•mol)(°R)) divided by M.W. As an example, let’ss assume that we have dry air flowing at 100 lb/min, 200°F and 24.7 psia. We will assume a molecular weight (M.W.) of 28.964 lb/lb•mol.

What is critical flow factor?

Critical Flow Factor, often referred to as “Cf” is a coefficient that defines how pressure will recover after it drops to its lowest point inside the control valve. All globe-style control valves have a Cf that stays consistent regardless of the trim position, unlike the Flow Coefficient (Cv) .

What is K in fluid mechanics?

Introduction. The K-value, Resistance Coefficient, Velocity Head, Excess Head or Crane method allows the user to characterise the pressure loss through fittings in a a pipe. The K-value represents the multiple of velocity heads that will be lost by fluid passing through the fitting.

What is pressure recovery factor?

Pressure recovery factor can be defined as “the increase in fluid static pressure that occurs as fluid moves through a valve from the vena contracta to the valve’s outlet and downstream piping.” [

What is valve style modifier?

Valve style modifier (Fd): A valve capacity factor. The default value is 1. Cv (or Kv) Column: The valve flow coefficients at each of the given valve positions.

What is FL in control valve sizing?

FL: The FL, Liquid Pressure Recovery Coefficient, is a dimensionless constant used to calculate the pressure drop when the valve’s liquid flow is choked. The FL is the square root of the ratio of valve pressure drop to the pressure drop from the inlet pressure to the pressure at the vena contracta.

How do I calculate valve size?

The volume flow rate for liquids can be calculated by multiplying the fluid velocity times the flow area. Thus, Cv is numerically equal to the number of U.S. gallons of water at 60°F that will flow through the valve in one minute when the pressure differential across the valve is one pound per square inch.

What is flow coefficient in centrifugal compressor?

Compared to the centrifugal compressors with considerably higher flow coefficient, the range of very low flow coefficient centrifugal compressors is between 0.007 and 0.02. It means that a low volume flow rate passes through the impeller relative to the outlet diameter and peripheral speed.

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