How do you checkerboard a garage floor?

How do you checkerboard a garage floor?


  1. Clean the garage floor by sweeping and mopping the floor thoroughly to remove all dirt.
  2. Use a paint roller to apply a concrete-safe primer to the garage floor.
  3. Paint the base coat using a concrete-safe floor paint.
  4. Draw a grid on the floor in pencil for the checkerboard using a straightedge to keep lines straight.

How do you paint checkerboard patterns on concrete floor?

How To Paint A Checkerboard Floor

  1. Materials: Semigloss or latex paint, triangle and straight-edge rulers, chalk or painter’s tape and a small sponge roller.
  2. Step 1: Select two complementary shades of paint.
  3. Step 2: Paint the entire floor with two coats of the lighter color and let dry completely.
  4. Step 3: Map out grid.

Can you install tile on a garage floor?

Yes, porcelain tile is one of the more durable garage floors that you can install in your home today and the toughest of all garage tile options – really!

What are the best garage flooring products?

Nitro Tiles are one of the most popular garage floor tiles on the market. They’re tough and durable, ready to take on even the harshest garage conditions. Beyond the garage, use them for dealerships, workshops, trade shows and more. For the most popular looks and patterns, go with the diamond tiles and lay them in a classic checkerboard.

What are the best garage tiles?

The best garage floor tiles are the RaceDeck Interlocking Tiles, which are constructed of a high impact copolymer that are suitable for 80,000 LBS. Unlike garage floor mats, tiles are interlocking and allow you to be creative with your flooring.

How do you install garage floor tiles?

To install the tiles: Move everything from the area and clean the floor surface. Begin in the front left corner. Place tiles with female hooks facing away from the garage door and the wall you started next to. Work outward from left corner hooking tiles together to line the perimeter of the room. Fill in the middle with remaining tiles.

What is garage flooring?

Garage flooring is used for many reasons, including protecting the floor from chemical spills, reducing leg strain and improving the appearance of the garage. There are several different types of flooring for your garage, including rubber floor mats, floor tiles, epoxy paint and roll-out flooring.

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