How do you date Revere Ware?

How do you date Revere Ware?

The earliest Revere Ware, produced between 1939 and 1947 used the older style handle with two screws close together at the front of the handle. Here you can see these alongside the newer handles used from 1947 until 1968 that had the two screws on opposite ends of the handles.

How to make coffee in a Revere Ware percolator?

Revere Ware Vintage Percolator Use 2 level tablespoons of regular grind coffee to 1 measuring cup of water (cold). Place on medium flame, keep on flame for three to four minutes after percolator begins percolating. Then take from burner and remove basket and coffee is ready to serve.

How do you use an old drip coffee maker?

How to Make Coffee in an Old Fashioned Drip Pot

  1. Put ground coffee in the holder on the top of the drip pot. Use 1/4 cup of ground coffee grinds for each cup of coffee you want to produce.
  2. Boil 8 oz. of water for every cup of coffee you plan to make.
  3. Pour the water into the top of the drip coffee pot.

Is Revere Ware valuable?

Revere Ware is considered a highly collectible brand of cookware, much like certain cast iron cookware brands.

Is Vintage Revere Ware good?

The cookware is still good, no hot spots, no warping and the copper still shines, it is going to outlast me. I have added to the original cookware my Dad bought over the years, but I have to buy used Revereware to get the heavier pots with the thicker copper bottom.

What is vintage Revere Ware made of?

Initially Revere Ware was the culmination of various innovative techniques developed during the 1930s, the most popular being construction of stainless steel with rivetlessly attached bakelite handles, copper-clad bases and rounded interiors for ease of cleaning.

How do you make the best percolator coffee?

How to Make Perfect Percolator Coffee, Every Time

  1. 1) Use filtered water where possible.
  2. 2) Always use fresh coffee.
  3. 3) Rinse paper filters before use.
  4. 4) Grind to a good consistency.
  5. 5) Add the right amount of water.
  6. 6) Heat and wait.
  7. 7) Decant and enjoy.

How do vintage coffee pots work?

Coffee percolators work by forcing boiling water up through a tube and out over a perforated basket containting ground coffee. The water trickles back through the basket allowing the coffee to flavour the water. You then put the percolator a stove. You need to keep the percolator gently simmering for about ten minutes.

Does Revere Ware have a lifetime warranty?

Revere Ware has a 25-year limited warranty on stainless steel, anodized aluminum and copper-plated cookware and roasters. The company also offers a 10-year warranty on tempered-glass lids.

What are the parts on a Revere Ware drip coffee maker?

Unlike a percolator, the drip coffee maker does not heat the water as part of making the coffee. Really the only thing to wear out on the drip coffee maker is the Bakelite. The lid knob is standard Revere Ware just like the ones that we sell. The other bakelite parts are not available from anywhere.

Where can I get refurbished Revere Ware cookware?

Refurbished vintage Revere Ware offers an excellent cooking experience at a fraction of the cost of new cookware. is a maker of replacement parts for Revere Ware cookware.

Are there separate screws for Revere Ware lids?

A separate screw is NOT included as all Revere lids have a screw attached to them. Fits: All Revere Ware lids, vintage era and newer that have a similar looking knob. This knob may not fit Revere Ware lid styles that have a different looking knob. Includes: Two handle halves + two screws.

Are there any replacement handles for Revere Ware percolators?

Replacement handles are not available as far as we know. For the glass knob, luckily, Fitz-All makes a universal percolator glass knob that works fine for the Revere Ware percolators. It has two pieces, the glass part above the lid and a “nut” below the lid, so it clamps on, rather than screwing in like the original knobs did; but it works great.

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