How do you disassemble a Kimber pro carry?

How do you disassemble a Kimber pro carry?

Push the Slide Lock Lever from the Opposite Side of the Gun and pull it out the Front. Pull the Slide off the Front of the Gun Frame. Place the Slide Upside Down and Remove the Guide Rod, Recoil Spring and Barrel. Kimber Pro Carry II Completed disassembly.

How to contact Packard Bell for technical support?

If you need technical support for your Packard Bell product, please contact us by using our Customer Care Portal. Our technical specialists are waiting for your mails to help you on any technical problem that you might have.

How do you remove slide from Kimber 1911?

Line up the notch in the slide with the end of the slide stop lever. Press on the other side of the slide stop lever pin on the opposite side of the gun frame. It will start to come out of the gun. Grasp the lever and remove it from the frame. Now the slide can be remove by sliding it off of the front of the frame of the gun.

What’s the difference between Kimber Ultra and Kimber pro carry?

The guide rod and recoil spring assembly is a little different on the Kimber Ultra pistols, but the disassembly steps are the same. The recoil spring is a bit tighter and slightly harder to work with, but you will be able to get it done.

What do you call a Kimber take down tool?

It is called a “take down” tool and it is basically a bent piece of steel resembling a small allen key. If you do not have one, a paper clip will work, but be sure you bend it the same way as the tool so it fits properly. I do recommend getting the tool Kimber Take Down Tool Here if you don’t have it.

What’s the difference between short and long tools on a Kimber 3?

(Tool differences) – Currently we offer 2 tools for the Kimber 3″ bushingless barrel pistols. A short tool that has a step and a longer 1″ tool. Basically the short tool directly replaces your factory tool and will allow you to break down the recoil spring easier, and the long tool allows you to remove the slide stop lever with ease.

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