How do you get to Sian Ka An from Tulum?

How do you get to Sian Ka An from Tulum?

Once at Muyil, There Are Two Options:

  1. Visit the Muyil ruins, then walk along a boardwalk in a jungle marsh, climb up an observation tower, and continue along the boardwalk to the boat docks. This takes approximately 1 hour (maybe 2 hours, if you take it really slow).
  2. Get directly to a boat to explore Sian Ka’an.

What should I reserve in Tulum?

Tulum has two great attractions, one being the Tulum Ruins and one is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sian Ka’an, still not very known, but when visiting Tulum or the Riviera Maya, you should not miss to do a tour with Visit Sian Ka’an tours.

How do I get to muyil ruins?

Just drive down the little road, passing the entrance of the ruins. It is a 3 minutes ride. You will get to a parking lot where you are supporting the community with a parking fee of MXN 50.00. Another 5 minutes walk and you will arrive where the boats are leaving.

Why is Sian Ka’an a World Heritage Site?

The high biodiversity value of the Sian Ka’an protected area is part of the reason why it was recognized by UNESCO. There are thousands of flora and fauna species that inhabited this region. The following is a list of the biological species found in the protected area of Sian Ka’an: Yucatan Black Howler Monkey.

Are there jaguars in Tulum?

The park, located between the town and the beach, is home to many endangered species, like jaguars and sea turtles.

Are there snakes in Tulum?

There are several species of rattlesnakes in the area of Tulum that use the ruins as their habitat.

What is there to do in Punta Allen?

Essential Punta Allen

  • Victor’s Fly Fishing Club. Boat Tours, Eco Tours.
  • 2020. Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. 1,919.
  • 2020. Sfer Ik Tulum.
  • Boca Paila Fishing Flats. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Wild Dolphin Tour. Dolphin & Whale Watching.
  • 2020. Paseo Tours.
  • 2020. Visit Sian Ka’an.
  • Cesiak Tours. Sightseeing Tours.

How do you get to Punta Allen?

Two options available to get to Punta Allen: you can either rent or use a vehicle of your own. It is advisable to use an all-terrain. The second option is taking a bus to the Caseta Arco Maya, where you will find a pier, here you must take a bot and you will be at Rojo Gomez in approximately 40 minutes.

Can you climb muyil ruins?

The buildings of the Muyil Ruins You can walk right up to a centuries-old pyramid and touch it if you want (although all signs ask visitors to not climb on the constructions). The most impressive sites in the Muyil Ruins were the 55-foot-tall pyramid and the Pink Temple (building 8).

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