How do you make a puff stitch with flowers?

How do you make a puff stitch with flowers?


  1. Make a Magic Circle Center. Choose a color for the center of your flower and make a magic circle.
  2. Attach the Main Petal Color.
  3. The First Petal.
  4. Work a Puff Stitch.
  5. End the Puff Stitch.
  6. Slip Stitch to Finish the Petal.
  7. Chain 3 to Make the Next Petal.
  8. Make More Puff Stitch Petals.

How do you crochet a puff blanket?


  1. Make a Starting Chain. Make a starting chain in a multiple of two stitches plus four.
  2. Insert the Hook in the Fourth Chain.
  3. Yarn Over and Draw up a Loop.
  4. Draw Up More Loops on the Hook.
  5. Draw the Yarn Through All the Loops.
  6. Secure the Puff Stitch With a Chain.
  7. Work Puff Stitches Across the Row.
  8. Make a Turning Chain.

What is puff stitch in crochet?

The crochet puff stitch (puff st) is aptly named because it gently puffs up into an oval shape. Puff stitching adds great texture to crocheted fabric. To crochet a puff stitch, you half-close several stitches worked in the same stitch and then join them together to finish the stitch.

How to crochet a puff stitch flower pattern?

How To Crochet A Puff Stitch Flower. Chain 4, slip stitch to the first chain to form a loop. Round 1, -Chain 1, work 12 single crochets into a loop. Change the color. Round 2 – slip stitch into first chain, *Ch 3. Yarn over and insert the hook into the same Yarn over once more and pull up a loop as long as your beginning in Ch 3 to form a

How to make a crochet flower for free?

Crochet Flower Puff Stitch Free Pattern 1 G hook 2 Worsted weight Yarn in 2 colors 3 Blogger used Cascade 220 wool solids 4 yarn needle 5 Scissors 6 Finished flower has a diameter of about 2″ 7 Get The Free Pattern Here More

How to make a puff flower for free?

You will also get exclusive access to free video instructions. You can find my EBook HERE. Foundation (In Lemon): Ch4, insert hook into the 4th chain from the hook and pull through the yarn to create a circle. Round 1: Ch1, 12dc into the circle, ss into the first chain and tie off.

What’s the best crochet pattern for a baby blanket?

These bright colors are the essence of spring. Go to the pattern: Molly Flower Blanket. Here is one more amazing meadow of crochet flowers that can easily be transformed into a baby blanket, a stunning bedspread or a set of lovely potholders. The combination of colors is quite unexpected, right?

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