How do you pronounce Chiwetel Ejiofor?

How do you pronounce Chiwetel Ejiofor?

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s name is easy to pronounce As for the last name, Ejiofor is pronounced ‘edge-e-oh-four.

What is Chiwetel Ejiofor known for?

English actor, writer and director Chiwetel Ejiofor is renowned for his portrayal of Solomon Northup in 12 Years a Slave (2013), for which he received Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations, along with the BAFTA Award for Best Actor. Chiwetel attended Dulwich College in South-East London.

How did Chiwetel Ejiofor get his scars?

In 1988, when Ejiofor was 11, during a family trip to Nigeria for a wedding, he and his father were driving to Lagos after the celebrations when their car was involved in a head-on crash with a lorry. His father was killed, and Ejiofor was badly injured, receiving scars that are still visible on his forehead.

What is Chiwetel Ejiofor doing now?

Now he works in North Carolina and in Malawi, and through his organization Moving Windmills, he’s setting up an innovation center in Lilongwe [the capital of Malawi] to support young people who have ideas — innovators, inventors, thinkers — and put them in contact with people who could help them actualize their ideas.

What does the name Chiwetel mean?

Meaning : God-sent/ God’s gift.

What nationality is Chiwetel Ejiofor?

Chiwetel Ejiofor/Nationality

Does Chiwetel Ejiofor have a nickname?

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s nickname in school was Duracell. Say it out loud, think about it— yeah, you get it. So the Oscar nominee for 12 Years a Slave, and star of Sundance’s Z for Zachariah, is well past being bothered by the world’s inability to pronounce his name.

Does Chiwetel Ejiofor play the violin?

Chiwetel Ejiofor learned to play the violin for his role in 12 Years a Slave as it’s such a tricky instrument to pretend to play.

How old is Chiwetel Ejiofor?

44 years (July 10, 1977)
Chiwetel Ejiofor/Age

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