How many #1 Does Kid Cudi have?

How many #1 Does Kid Cudi have?

The rapper has a total of five top 10 hit records, but his latest is his highest performing on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Though he has never scored a No. 1 album, he has garnered a No. 1 hit song on the Billboard Hot 100 with his single “The Scotts” with Travis Scott and The Scotts.

What genre is Indicud?


Who produced Indicud?

Scott Mescudi

Producer Scott Mescudi (also exec.) Dennis Cummings (exec.) Hit-Boy
Kid Cudi chronology
Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager (2010) Indicud (2013) Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon (2014)
Singles from Indicud

Did Kid Cudi go platinum?

co-sign to his résumé as RIAA reveals he added four records to his platinum roster. According to the RIAA, hits from Cudi’s Man on the Moon I and II albums have earned platinum recognition for sales over 1 million. The records include “Up Up & Away,” “Erase Me,” and “Make Her Say,” which coincidentally features Mr.

What is the Indicud album cover?

Complex has learned that Cudi designed the album cover to reflect both the album, Indicud, and Cudi himself—a ball of flames in a rose gold frame. Last November, Cudi tweeted, “All my videos will be in a baroque frame. I create art, so it will be presented as such.

When did Indicud by Kid Cudi come out?

Dennis Cummings (exec.) Indicud is the third studio album by American rapper Kid Cudi. It was released on April 12, 2013, by Republic Records. It was the first album of Cudi’s solo career to not be an installment of his Man on the Moon series.

What kind of music does Kid Cudi make?

In spite of its brighter outlook, though, Indicud is still a Kid Cudi record, and like its predecessors, it’s a long, unhurried listen, paced like drifting fog. At it’s best, Indicud delivers catchy, meaningful tunes with a cinematic quality in the way that they’re delivered.

How many jams are on Indicud by Cudi?

The title Indicud, is a play-on-words on the putative species of the genus Cannabis, indica, and Cudi’s own name. On June 8, 2012, Cudi announced Indicud, would be a double-disc album, until tweeting on October 28, 2012 that ” Indicud will not be a double disc but will contain a maximum of 17 brand new jams.”

Who is the artist on the cover of Indicud?

The album’s cover artwork was designed by Kid Cudi himself, who also served as an executive producer of Indicud. It was Cudi’s goal to make more uptempo and positive music with the album. He described it as a completely new format compared to his previous albums.

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