How many foot candles do I need in an office?

How many foot candles do I need in an office?

20 foot candles
A requirement of 20 foot candles is recommended for general spaces in offices. In areas where reading and detailed tasks are carried out, 50 foot candles of lighting is sufficient. Conference rooms and other areas where visually challenging tasks are occasionally performed may incorporate between 10-20 foot candles.

How is foot candles measured?

A foot-candle equals one lumen per square foot. This is a British measurement. Using the metric system, a lumen is measured by a square meter or a lux. Thus a foot-candle is equivalent to approximately 10 lux or 10.57 lux.

How many foot candles do I need for a warehouse?

Conference rooms, open warehouses and lots used for auto sales generally use about 20-50 foot-candles. Auto showrooms, gymnasiums and small component manufacturing often need about 50-100 foot-candle lighting. For high precision manufacturing and professional gymnasiums use 100-200 foot-candle lighting.

What is 50ft candle?

For example, 50 foot-candles would be 50 x 10.76 = 538 lumens.

What does 4000 lumens mean?

A lumen is a unit measurement of light. A 100 square foot dining room, which needs 30-40 foot-candles, will need 3,000-4,000 lumens.

How do you calculate foot-candles?

Multiply the Length times the Width of the Room to get the Room Square Footage. For example, if the room is 10 feet wide and 10 feet long, the Room Square Footage will be 100 square feet. A foot-candle is how bright the light is one foot away from the source.

How many foot candles do I Need?

The industry standard for general lighting in a room is 70 foot candles per square foot. To figure out how many lights you need to achieve this level of lighting, you must complete an equation for lumens.

How to calculate foot candle?

6 How to measure the foot candle? Measuring the Light Intensity I will use the light meter to measure the number of foot-candles that there are hitting the subject. Converting to Lumens Please note that one foot-candle = 10.76 Lumens*, which means that in order to convert foot-candles to lumens, I would need to take the amount Converting to Watts

How do you measure foot candles?

Measure the foot candle reading on the work surface. Measure the foot candle reading at the sensor with the foot candle meter pointing down if the sensor has a downward facing photocell. Calculate the ratio between these two numbers. Choose the desired foot candle reading at the work surface.

How many foot candles are suggested for a retail store?

The interior spaces of general retail stores, car showrooms, and service areas require 50 foot candles. Department stores only need 40 foot candles to ensure people can easily see and locate products.

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