How many voices are in Spem in Alium?

How many voices are in Spem in Alium?

40 voices
Thomas Tallis’s Spem in alium was composed in c1570 and is scored for 40 voices. It is arranged for eight choirs with five voices in each. Tallis set the text of the Matins response Spem in alium and it is likely that he designed it to be heard ‘in the round’, with the audience seated within a circle of singers.

What does Spem in Alium mean in English?

Hope in Any Other Have I None
Spem in alium nunquam habui, (Latin: “Hope in Any Other Have I None” or “In No Other Is My Hope”) motet (short musical setting of a sacred text) by English composer Thomas Tallis, noted for its complex use of counterpoint in a composition for 40 voices.

Is Spem in Alium polyphonic?

Spem in alium (Latin for “Hope in any other”) is a 40-part Renaissance motet by Thomas Tallis, composed in c….

Spem in alium
English “I have never put my hope in any other but in Thee, God of Israel”
Genre Renaissance Choral music
Form Motet
Text Matins responsory from the Sarum Rite

What is the meaning of Spem?


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How many voices are in a motet?

three voices
Motets are now quite often for three voices (two voices with text and the Tenor). The Tenor at first is still organized into its repeatable rhythmic cells and moves at about the same speed of the other voices. The upper voices generally have two different French texts.

Who is the composer of Spem in alium?

Copyright: CPDL Edition notes: This edition is part of Tallis’ Virtual Voice, a project conceived and sponsored by the Thomas Tallis Society centred around Spem in alium. It comprises a new multitrack recording by Andrew Leslie Cooper, a comprehensive performance resource for the piece, and this radical new edition by Hugh Keyte.

How many staves are in Spem in alium?

Edition notes: Full score, all eight SATBarB choirs, 40 staves per page. A4 format, but should be printed or enlarged to A3 format. Individual parts also available below. Minor revision posted on 8 April 2006 to fix two errata: missing underlay in Alto 6 in bars 74-76, and a breve rest mistakenly left as a semibreve in Tenor 1 in bar 110.

When was Spem in alium habui a 40 written?

Spem in alium nunquam habui à 40 ( Tallis, Thomas) Movements/Sections Mov’ts/Sec’s 1 Composition Year 1570 ca. Genre Categories Motets; For 8 mixed choruses; Scores fea

When did Thomas Tallis sing Spem in alium?

CPDL ##15804–07 and ##19805–08 include second text: the English contrafactum Sing and glorify that was sung for the coronation of Henry, Prince of Wales, in 1610.

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