How much is Equinox membership Palo Alto?

How much is Equinox membership Palo Alto?

Equinox Monthly Memberships Prices
Equinox Prices for One Club Access
Initiation Fee (One Person) (All Clubs) $100.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (All Clubs) $230.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (All Clubs) $0.00

Are classes included at Equinox?

There are workout classes for just about everyone offered at Equinox—whether you like strength training, cardio, dance, yoga, Pilates, barre. It got me excited to be an Equinox member because I felt that it was of the same high quality as the boutique fitness classes I’d been taking.

How much does equinox cost per month?

Equinox Prices

Item Price
Initiation Fee (One Person) (One Club) $100.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (One Club) $168.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (One Club) $0.00
All Clubs

Does Equinox offer free trial?

Free one-day trials Equinox, which has branches in nine states, plus Washington DC, is offering up to $400 off initiation fees. If you want to try the gym for free, you need to sign up for a visit online. No matter which plan you pick, there is a $39 annual membership fee, so be wary of that.

How much does Equinox app cost?

How to use the Amex Platinum Equinox credit

Service Cost
Monthly All-access Equinox membership $275 per month, 12-month commitment
Monthly Destination Equinox membership $315 per month, 12-month commitment
Monthly E by Equinox membership Not posted online
Equinox+ app $40 per month

How many guests can I bring to Equinox?

Yes, Equinox offers 7-day guest passes.

Is there an equinox on East 54th Street?

Equinox East 54th Street offers a comprehensive selection of fitness options. This Sutton Place location is equipped with weights, cardio equipment, and a dedicated Yoga Studio. From a full-service Spa to a Cycling Studio, it’s all here to help you reach your goals.

Where is the Equinox Gym in Palo Alto located?

Equinox Palo Alto takes wellness to the next level with a world-class facility, expert personal trainers, and a rooftop Pool. Schedule a Visit 440 Portage AvenuePalo Alto, CA94306(650) 319-1700

What do you need to know about equinox Sutton Place?

A familiarity with vinyasa is recommended. This Equinox Sutton Place location offers high-end amenities including Yoga Studio, Cycling Studio, steam rooms, and locker rooms equipped with Kiehl’s products. The on-site Spa is your in-club destination for the latest performance-driven restorative therapies.

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