How much is the Navy Pier Ferris wheel?

How much is the Navy Pier Ferris wheel?

23, according to Navy Pier. Tickets for single rides are $12 for military and children ages 3 to 11 and $15 for adults. Children younger than 3 can ride for free.

What happened to the old Navy Pier Ferris wheel?

Dismantled in October of 2015 after a 20-year stint as Chicago’s top tourist attraction, Navy Pier’s old Ferris wheel looks forward to living life anew in Branson, Missouri. Dutch Wheels is pleased as well and looking forward to open this historic wheel.

How long does the Navy Pier Ferris wheel take?

13 to 15 minutes
The new wheel is 50 feet taller than its predecessor (whose new home is in Branson, MO). Its rides also last longer—for 13 to 15 minutes, a Navy Pier spokesperson told Chicagoist. A ride on the old Ferris wheel took seven minutes, according to the Tribune.

Is Navy Pier Ferris wheel open year round?

Hours & Admission Navy Pier is open year-round* and general operating hours and admission vary depending on the seasons and may be subject to change.

Why is Navy Pier closing?

Navy Pier initially closed to the public on March 16 due to state-wide orders related to COVID-19. Since reopening on June 10 and resuming partial operations, the organization has seen less than 20 percent of its typical summer attendance, making it difficult to generate revenues to support standard operations.

Is Navy Pier Ferris wheel the biggest?

The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel will be in the top six tallest Ferris wheels in the United States when it is completed.

Is the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel Safe?

The gondolas are climate controlled and enclosed. The gondolas are temperature controlled and have air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. The Wheel features special, high-tech safety glass to ensure the best climate inside and to prevent condensation.

Is Navy Pier closing?

Navy Pier has implemented a temporary closure until Spring 2021 | Navy Pier.

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