How much money do you make as a car mechanic?

How much money do you make as a car mechanic?

Mechanic Salaries / Wages in 2018

Job Title Salary / Wage $ Location
Heavy Diesel Mechanic $34 – $38 per hour Sydney, New South Wales
Workshop / Field Service Mechanic ( Plant) $36 – $40 per hour Melbourne, Victoria
Experienced Automotive Technician 60,000 – 90,000 Melbourne, Victoria
Diesel Mechanic $35 – $40 per hour Canberra, ACT

Is a mechanic a good career?

Many mechanics will tell you that a career in the automotive industry is worth it. If you’re detail oriented, a problem solver and love working with your hands, this can be a great career path. Auto mechanics do much more than change oil — changes in technology have led to exciting advancements in the industry.

What are some popular careers in auto mechanics?

will hire entry-level technicians.

  • Mechanic’s assistant. The knowledge gained from being a mechanic’s assistant is invaluable.
  • Brake technician.
  • Oil and fluid change technician.
  • Air conditioning and heating mechanic.
  • Electrical system specialist.
  • Battery mechanic.
  • What is the pay scale of an auto mechanic?

    Auto Mechanics made a median salary of $42,090 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $56,140 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $31,250 .

    What is it like to be an auto mechanic?

    Automotive mechanics typically need to have a variety of different skills, ranging from technical knowledge to manual dexterity. Some important auto mechanic skills include problem solving, the ability to learn and perform complex tasks, and the capacity to quickly adapt to the introduction of new technologies.

    What is the best job for a mechanic?

    A mechanic may work for a shop that does tune ups and general maintenance. There are various career options available for a trained mechanic. A mechanic working. A machinery mechanic may work on air conditioners. Becoming a motorcycle mechanic is one career option for someone who is mechanically inclined.

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