How much pressure can an IBC tote handle?

How much pressure can an IBC tote handle?

marking of an IBC, vary from 14.7 PSIG to 62 PSIG. for a period of 10 minutes, depending on design type and applications. In some cases, users or shippers of IBCs may want to put a N2 blanket on the product or apply some pressure to help facilitate certain off-loading application requirements.

How many liters is a standard IBC?

HOW MUCH WATER DOES AN IBC STORE? Intermediate bulk containers are designed to carry large quantities of liquid or semi-solid substances, so they’re perfectly suited to storing water. Because it is termed ‘intermediate’, an IBC is generally built to hold a capacity of 1,000 litres.

How tall is an IBC tank?

Standard Tank Size The standard 350-gallon tote tank dimension is 42″ x 48″ base with an overall height of 47″. The stainless steel 350-gallon IBC has the same base dimensions as a pallet, but can hold more than SIX 55-gallon drums!

How high can you stack IBC containers?

2 to 3 high
IBC Handling Specifications | Stacking IBC Containers. IBC totes are designed for stacking during storage, transport, and operation, when filled or empty of cargo. In general, intermediate bulk containers manufactured as stackable are acceptable for stacking 2 to 3 high, some up to 4 in select scenarios.

Can you put fuel in IBC tote?

IBC Totes are more commonly known as fluid storage tanks. IBC tank and IBC tote uses include containing and transporting any one of a wide variety of liquids like many different types of liquid foods, medicines, gasoline and other flammables as well as corrosive liquids.

How big is an IBC tank?

IBC sizes range from 110 to 550 gallons, with 275 and 330 being the most common. Dimensions are internationally standardized to roughly 45″L x 45″W. They are engineered for mobility with built in pallet / forklift access along with stacking capabilities.

How do I fill my IBC tank?

The guidebook recommends a three-step procedure for filling IBC totes:

  1. Ensure the outlet valve is closed.
  2. Fill at atmospheric pressure, not exceeding a temperature of 70ºC/158ºF. Pressurizing composite IBC totes is not recommended.
  3. Allow the inner receptacle to vent as it cools to prevent vacuum deformation.

Can you put gasoline in an IBC tote?

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