How much tritium is in a watch?

How much tritium is in a watch?

Approximately 80 MBq (2 mCi) of tritium are used in each wristwatch, and approximately 20 MBq (0.5 mCi) are used in each pocketwatch or clock, according to NRC li- censing files.

How long does tritium last in a watch?

The GTLSs used in watches give off a small amount of light: Not enough to be seen in daylight, but visible in the dark from a distance of several meters. The average such GTLS has a useful life of 10–20 years.

Does Rolex still use tritium?

Rolex stopped using tritium in 1998 when it was banned. Following this, Rolex started using Luminova – a non-radioactive luminous material.

When did watchmakers stop using tritium?

Since tritium watches are also considered to be potentially hazardous, the use of tritium in watches was finally stopped in the 1990s. Since then, timepieces are made with Super-LumiNova, a pure phosphorescent luminescent material that is free of any radioactive additives and based on an alkaline earth aluminate.

What is the full name of a tritium watch?

Traser uses all white Tritium except for the 12 o’clock indicator which is orange, called “Trigalight” on Traser watches which is part of MB microtec. This is an aviator tritium watch, its full name “H3 Aviator Jungmann” is after Jungmann planes from the pre WWII era and it comes with a leather aviator style strap.

Why are Nite watches fitted with tritium illumination?

This ability however, of always being able to tell the time no matter what the conditions, is always highly valued in the day to day life of a watch. This is the reason therefore why each and every Nite watch is fitted with tritium illumination – the very best form of watch illumination available.

How is tritium released from nuclear power plants?

Tritium is a mildly radioactive type of hydrogen that occurs both naturally and during the operation of nuclear power plants. Water containing tritium and other radioactive substances is normally released from nuclear plants under controlled, monitored conditions the NRC mandates to protect public health and safety.

How many tritium tubes are in a Dievas watch?

Equipped with a total of 15 Tritium Tubes to illuminate the dial, the hour, minute and second hands the Dievas uses what is considered the industry gold standard in Tritium illumination, the top of the line GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Sources) made by Swiss company MB-microtec’s trigalight technology.

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