How was Mondo executed?

How was Mondo executed?

Mondo is executed in a death cage, tied to the back of a Crazy Diamonds motorcycle with no means of escaping.

Why did Monokuma turn Mondo into butter?

Like his stomach is being tossed and turned? Mondo became Butter because of the expression of or stomachs feeling churned when it’s feeling bleh (AAAAAAAAAAND that was English).

Did Mondo turn into butter?

Nevertheless, after killing Chihiro Fujisaki in a moment of rage caused by some sort of jealousy, he got executed by Monokuma. At the end of the execution, he turned into a butter which was stored inside a container in which Mondo is seen “promoting” the product.

What is Mondo’s hairstyle called?

He has an unusual, dark-brown punch perm with a slight variation which alters the hairstyle to what is known as an “aippa”, a cross between an afro and an early 1960s pompadour.

Who died after Mondo?

As the Ultimate Moral Compass, Taka was very emotional about the reveal that Mondo had killed Chihiro and the execution that followed since Taka and Mondo were pretty close.

What was Junko’s execution?

The Guillotine Execution (グングニルの槍 Girochin no jikkō) is a scrapped execution featured in DISTRUST, with Junko Enoshima being executed.

Why did Sayaka choose Leon?

When put under the pressure of the Motivational Video, Sayaka chose Leon as her murder victim and planned to frame Makoto, possibly because she was aware of his attraction towards her. In this version, Sayaka chose Leon as her victim because he respects Sayaka the most, so she could kill him easily.

How did Junko fake her death?

In the first game, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Junko fakes her death by having Mukuro pose as her so she can kill her under her Monokuma guise, using the event to encourage her former classmates at Hope’s Peak Academy to participate in a “killing game”, both actions serving to feed her desire to fuel an “ultimate …

Did Leon try to save Sayaka?

After Sayaka had run away from Leon upon his counter attack Leon decided to follow Sayaka to the bathroom so he could calm her down. In the end, Leon ended up murdering Sayaka by accident.

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