Is Beast Wars and Beast Machines the same?

Is Beast Wars and Beast Machines the same?

Beast Machines is the sequel series to Beast Wars, continuing the conflict between Megatron and Optimus Primal’s crew of Maximals. …

Is the beast a cannon machine?

The show is one of the darker Transformers animated series and the most thought-provoking. It is also the final animated entry into the Generation 1 story canon, bringing the events in that continuity family to a rather conclusive ending (which also didn’t win it many popularity points).

How many seasons did beast machines have?

Beast Machines: Transformers/Number of seasons

Is Beast Wars a prequel to g1?

However, the Beast Wars cartoon is not a direct sequel to any specific version of the Generation 1 storyline; instead, it borrows facets from both the Sunbow cartoon cartoon and Marvel comic and composites them into a vague “mythology” that informs the universe.

What Autobot is Cheetor?

Cheetor is a Transformer in the Beast Wars universe. He is the youngest member of the Maximals. His beast mode is a Cheetah. He has idolized his leader, Optimus Primal, whom he calls “Big Bot”.

How old is Cheetor?


Real name Cheetor
Alias Little Cat Spots
Age 16 (Human Years)
Species Cybertronian

Who are the main characters in Beast Machines?

Beast mode is a Gray Wolf / Golden Eagle hybrid. Appearing in Beast Machines, Silverbolt is one of the original six Maximals to survive the Beast Wars and Blackarachnia’s lover. He disappeared when the Maximals returned to Cybertron. It is revealed later that his spark was implanted in the Vehicon General Jetstorm.

Is there a sequel to Beast Machines Transformers?

Beast Machines: Transformers is an American-Canadian animated television series produced by Mainframe Entertainment. Hasbro has the full distribution rights to the show as of 2011. It was a direct sequel to Beast Wars, taking place within the continuity of the original Transformers series.

What are the names of the Beast Machines?

Concept sketches or prototype toys have been seen for Blackarachnia, Cheetor, Depth Charge, Megatron, Nightscream, Optimus Prime, Scavenger, Shockwave, Soundwave, Starscream and a new character called Immorticon. There were also rumors of a Transtech Dinobot.

Who was the girl transformer in Beast Machines?

Isenberg did most of the work on the first season of Beast Machines due to Skir’s workload and a bereavement, while Skir did most of the second season due to Isenberg running Action Man. Skir originally wanted the character of Nightscream to be a young female Transformer, patterned after the girl, Newt, from the movie Aliens.

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