Is cementoblastoma same as cementoma?

Is cementoblastoma same as cementoma?

Cementoblastoma or true cementoma is a rare benign mesenchymal odontogenic tumor arising from cementoblasts. This tumor is characterized by the formation of an expansive mass of cementum-like tissue intimately associated to the root of a tooth.

What is the cause of cementoblastoma?

Cementoblastoma arises from cementoblasts, which are normally involved in the formation of cementum. Cementoblastoma is commonly located in the mandibular molar area. There are no genetic mutations associated with the development of cementoblastoma.

Is tooth vital in cementoblastoma?

But may be associated with diffuse pain and tooth mobility, but the tooth is still vital. Since a cementoblastoma is a benign neoplasm, it grossly forms a mass of cementum-like tissue as an irregular or round mass attached to the roots of a tooth, usually the permanent mandibular first molar.

How common is cementoblastoma?

The cementoblastoma has been classified as a benign tumor of odontogenic origin derived from ectomesenchyme. It is an uncommon tumor comprising less than 0.69%–8% of all odontogenic tumors.

What is the treatment for cementoma?

Treatment of a cementoma involves surgically removing the mass and possibly a portion of the affected area and/or teeth. Surgical removal without damage to surrounding teeth is limited unless the lesion is small and if there is a sufficient crown-to-tooth ratio.

What causes cementoma?

The cause of the cementoma continues to be unknown and is linked with many sources, including trauma, nutritional deficiency, metabolic disturbances, constitutional factors, and others. Zegarelli and Kutscherl’ have collected data which suggest an association with an endocrine disturbance of an unknown nature.

Can Cementoblastoma be cancerous?

Cementoblastoma is a type of benign odontogenic tumor, with the optimal treatment consisting of tooth extraction and follow-up examination. Osteosarcoma of the jaw is a rare, malignant disease with a poor prognosis, and the imaging and clinical appearance of the lesion is highly variable.

Is Cementoma cancerous?

Prognosis. No malignant form of this conditions exists and rarely will the mass reappear. Individuals can expect full recovery from this condition with the proper treatment and removal of affected area. Although recurrence of cementomas is extremely rare, post-surgical and long-term follow ups are recommended.

What is parulis?

: an abscess in the gum : gumboil.

Where are Cementoblasts located?

A cementoblast is a biological cell that forms from the follicular cells around the root of a tooth, and whose biological function is cementogenesis, which is the formation of cementum (hard tissue that covers the tooth root).

What is the treatment for Cementoma?

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