Is mg DL the same as UMOL L?

Is mg DL the same as UMOL L?

If using mg/dl for serum creatinine, use the following formula: To convert μmol/l to mg/dl, multiply by 0.0113. To convert mg/dl to μmol/l, multiply by 88.4.

How do you convert umol L to mg dl bilirubin?

To convert results from mg/dL to μmol/L, multiply mg/dL by 17.1. It is recommended that each laboratory determine its own reference range based upon its particular locale and population characteristics. The LOD for Neonatal Bilirubin is 0.03 mg/dL (0.52 μmol/L).

What is 80 mg dL in mmol L?

Conversion Table for Blood Glucose Monitoring

mmol/L mg/dl mmol/L
4.4 80 30.0
4.7 85 33.3
5.0 90 38.8
5.5 100 40.0

How many mg / dL are in 1 g / L?

How many mg/dL in 1 g/L? The answer is 100. We assume you are converting between milligram/deciliter and gram/litre. You can view more details on each measurement unit: mg/dL or g/L The SI derived unit for density is the kilogram/cubic meter. 1 kilogram/cubic meter is equal to 100 mg/dL, or 1 g/L.

How to convert ceruloplasmin to mmol / L units?

Ceruloplasmin conversion to mmol/L, µmol/L, g/L, mg/dL, mg/100mL, mg%, mg/mL . Online converter from conventional units to SI units | UNITSLAB.COM Ceruloplasmin is an acute phase protein and transport protein. The blue‑colored glycoprotein belongs to the α2‑globulin electrophoretic fraction and contains 8 copper atoms per molecule.

Which is bigger 1 mg / dL or 1 µmol / L?

The abbreviation for mg/dL and µmol/L is milligram per deciliter and micromole per liter respectively. 1 mg/dL is 88 times bigger than a µmol/L.

How to calculate bilirubin mg / dL to µmol / L?

Bilirubin mg/dL values to µmol/L converter Formula to convert mg/dL values to µmol/L Bilirubin , is 1 mg/dL is equivalent to 17.1 µmol/L . To calculate just use formula 17.1 mg/dL * µmol/L

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