Is Panera Bread and Atlanta Bread the same company?

Is Panera Bread and Atlanta Bread the same company?

Atlanta Bread is now far behind rival Panera Bread Company. The St. Louis chain expects to add about 100 new stores this year to its network of nearly 1,500 outlets.

What soups Does Atlanta Bread have today?

Sunday. White Bean Chicken Chili. (180 cal) Spiced Pumpkin Bisque.

  • Monday. Homestyle Chicken Dumpling. (266 cal)
  • Tuesday. White Bean Chicken Chili. (180 cal)
  • Wednesday. Spiced Pumpkin Bisque. (241 cal)
  • Thursday. White Bean Chicken Chili. (180 cal)
  • Friday. Classic Beef Chili. (237 cal)
  • Saturday. White Bean Chicken Chili. (180 cal)
  • Is Atlanta Bread open?

    We are OPEN and following all local and state regulations to keep you SAFE.

    Does Atlanta Bread have breakfast?

    Our fresh made breads and pastries are great for any occasion from a quiet and delicious morning moment to treating the whole office to breakfast.

    Is Atlanta Bread a chain?

    Atlanta Bread Company is a privately owned bakery cafe chain established in the United States in 1993. By 1995, the owners began franchising and expanding across the country.

    How much does a Panera Bread franchise owner make?

    Forbes Business Magazine published an article stating that the average Panera bread makes $2.47 million annually. For a more accurate look at what a franchise owner takes home, you would have to obtain a franchise disclosure document (FDD) from Panera Bread.

    Does Atlanta Bread have WIFI?

    Ways Your Eatery Can Benefit. Just like Atlanta Bread Company, you can use free Wi-Fi to attract and retain customers. Because our Wi-Fi solutions keep your systems separate, your customers will enjoy the Wi-Fi speed they need while you keep cooking in the kitchen.

    How many locations does Atlanta Bread Company have?

    Atlanta Bread Company

    Type Private (franchise)
    Number of locations 18 restaurants (2020)
    Key people Jerry Couvaras, President & CEO Basil Couvaras, VP COO
    Products soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza, pastas, and bakery items.
    Revenue $122 million (2010)

    Where is Atlanta Bread?

    Atlanta Bread was founded by Robert and Richard Auffenberg in 1993, in Sandy Springs, Georgia (part of the Atlanta metropolitan area), where it started as a single restaurant.

    How old do you have to be to work at Atlanta Bread?

    16 years old
    Applicants must be 16 years old and above to apply.

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